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We understand that if you are due to travel soon or if you are looking to book your next trip, that you may be concerned about your health and what level of protection your travel insurance gives.

Planning a trip?

2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster for anyone with travel plans so we wanted to give you some good news. We’ve upgraded our protection and you’ll be covered for coronavirus-related claims for any trips booked under your current policy. The level of cover you have will depend on when you purchased your policy – read our FAQs for all the detail.

Remember, if you’re planning a trip it’s important you check the latest guidance from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) Link opens in a new window. Your travel insurance won’t cover you for any claims if you travel against the FCDO’s advice.

Trip been disrupted by Coronavirus?

If you’re still in the UK and you haven’t travelled yet, where you can, you should try to get a full refund from your tour operator or travel agent. We’ll only consider non-refundable expenses on your travel insurance policy.

If you want to rearrange your trip dates, and provided you’re not making a claim, we can transfer your policy to a later date to cover the new trip as long as it’s within three months of your original departure date, is for the same or no longer duration, and is to the same geographical area.

If you’re abroad and need assistance, our team are available 24 hours a day on 0207 748 8908 or you can reach us via live chat.

Need to make a claim?

Each claim is specific to the individual, and depending on your circumstances, how we process your claims will be different.

For instance, if your airline or travel company has cancelled your trip due to Coronavirus disruption, then please contact your airline, travel company or credit card provider for a refund first. Alternatively, if you’ve been told to isolate by a medical professional, then we’ll need to see the advice you’ve been given. We’ll need all the relevant evidence that supports your claim to be able to make a decision to pay – so please don’t submit your claim without it.

How to make a claim.

As you might expect, we’re much busier than normal right now so it’s taking us longer to answer your calls and to process claims. But we’ll keep doing everything we can to speed things up.

Got a question?

If you have a question about how coronavirus may affect your travel insurance, we have a dedicated set of frequently asked questions for you.

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