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M-Exchange is hosted by Refinitiv.

Important Information

Foreign currency transactions involve the risk of loss because of movements in exchange rates. You should not enter into these transactions if you do not understand the risks. It is your responsibility to monitor your transactions on M-Exchange, Virgin Money will not be liable for your losses in any circumstances.

If you transact certain Foreign Exchange products with us, you will no longer be able to take advantage of favourable market movements.

For example, the FX Forward product will lock you in to a specific rate, so you'll not be able to take advantage of a rate change in your favour. However, as your rate is locked, you'll also be protected from an unfavourable rate change.

In addition, for some products a break cost, which could be significant may be payable if you seek to break the terms of the contract. You should take account of the likelihood of incurring break costs and what causes them to increase before you opt for a Foreign Exchange risk management solution.

More information on our Foreign Exchange products can be found within our key information documents.

Foreign Exchange products are only offered to customers with a currency exposure. Trading of a speculative nature is strictly prohibited.

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