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1. Introduction

We take your privacy seriously and you can find out more here about your data protection rights and how we collect, use, share and store your personal information as a personal or business banking customer – that includes personal information we already hold about you now and further personal information we might collect about you, either from you or from a third party. How we use your personal information will depend on the accounts and relationship you have with us.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) provides help and guidance to make sure we apply the best standards to protecting your personal information and comply with our responsibilities for data protection. Our DPO can be reached by email at or by post at Group Data Protection Officer, Group Risk, Level 3, 51 West George Street, Glasgow G2 2JJ if you have any questions about how we use your personal information. See section 12 “Your legal rights in relation to your information” for more information about your rights and how our DPO can help.

This notice will update any previous information we have given you about using your personal information. We’ll update this notice if we make any significant changes affecting how we use your personal information, and if so we’ll contact you to let you know about the change.

2. About the Virgin Money UK PLC Group

We are what is known as the ‘controller’ of personal information we collect and use. When we say ‘we’ or ‘us’ in this notice, we mean Clydesdale Bank PLC. Clydesdale Bank PLC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Financial Services Register No. 121873. Credit facilities other than regulated mortgages and regulated credit agreements are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you are a customer of Yorkshire Bank Home Loans Limited, when we say ‘we’ or ‘us’ we also mean Yorkshire Bank Home Loans Limited.

When we say ‘Group’ we mean other members of our group of companies, including holding and subsidiary companies. The companies within our Group are:

  • Clydesdale Bank PLC
  • CYB Intermediaries Limited
  • CGF No 9 Limited
  • Clydesdale Bank Asset Finance Limited
  • Clydesdale Covered Bonds No 2 LLP
  • Virgin Money UK PLC
  • CYB Investments Limited
  • Virgin Money plc
  • Virgin Money Unit Trust Managers Ltd
  • Virgin Money Personal Financial Service Ltd
  • Virgin Money Management Services Ltd
  • Virgin Money Holdings (UK) plc
  • Yorkshire Bank Home Loans Limited

3. What information we’ll hold about you

By “information” we mean all of the personal and financial information about you that we collect, use, share and store. The information we hold will vary according to the account and relationship you have with us. It can include but isn’t limited to:

  • Information about your identity and contact details (e.g. your name, date of birth, home address, phone number, email address, current and previous countries of residence/citizenship, a copy of identification documents (such as a passport or driving licence) and information to allow us to check your identity).
  • Unique identifiers and reference numbers that we or others have allocated to you (e.g. Companies House references, account numbers, online usernames and national insurance number).
  • Your financial and payment information, including where relevant details of your income and expenditure, accounting information for your business, information about your credit history, bank details and transactions with us and other organisations.
  • Information about you from resources, organisations, regulatory bodies (e.g. Financial Conduct Authority, Business Banking Resolution Service or Companies House)
  • Information about other people you are financially linked to (e.g. your spouse, your financial associates) or who have an interest in or association with any of your accounts (e.g. an additional cardholder or where you have opened an account for the benefit of a child).
  • How you access and use our website or other digital services (e.g. your IP address, your location and the device and software being used).
  • The profile information we create by by analysing you, your business and your behaviour; through the way you use your account with us and from other sources, including information gathered using artificial intelligence to analyse combined data sets.
  • Your consent and authorisation to share information from third parties
  • Information that the law regards as being in a special category because of its sensitivity to you. We can only collect and use this information where you have given us explicit consent or where permitted by the law. Information in this category includes:
    - Racial or ethnic origin.
    - Religious or philosophical beliefs.
    - Trade union membership.
    - Genetic and bio-metric data.
    - Health information and data (needed for some insurance products and to protect vulnerable customers).
    - Criminal convictions and offences (needed for lending decisions, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering and to meet legal obligations).

There is more in section 6 about how we use special category information.

Sometimes where we ask for your information needed to enter into a contract with you or to meet a legal obligation (such as a credit check), we’ll not be able to provide some products or services without that information. For some products and services we need to use additional information which we’ll collect about you, or we’ll not be able to provide any of these products and services to you.

For Credit Card Accounts, Loan Products and Mortgage Products we need financial information (including your income, expenditure, accounting information, assets and liabilities, credit history and credit scoring), employment details, details of any criminal prosecutions and details of bankruptcy or any County Court Judgements.

For products that include Travel Insurance and to provide Financial Management Services we need to use health information, which we’ll request you to provide.

4. Where we collect information from

We collect information directly from you and others.

We obtain information:

  • Directly from you, for example in applications, emails, letters, phone calls, and conversations in our stores (including information provided on your behalf by someone else, e.g. an employer, financial adviser and accountant).
  • Through you attending events in our Stores and Lounges, entries into our competitions, surveys, promotions, and conversations with us on social media.
  • By observing how you use our products and services, or those of other members of our Group, for example from the transactions and operation of your accounts and services, including through the use of artificial intelligence or machine learning to analyse aggregated/combined datasets, to make forecasts/projections of revenue and cash flow, and to improve a service or systems in terms of machine learning or analytics cookie usage. Information will be used both for the development and deployment of the machine learning.
  • From other people who know you including joint account holders and people you are linked to financially.
  • By observing how you interact when using your device for example, the use of your keyboard, mouse and/or the way in which you hold your device, this is called “Behavioural Biometrics”.
  • From your use of our websites or applications, including through cookies that collect information on your internet use.
  • From recorded images (e.g. CCTV in our stores and lounges) and calls. We'll record or monitor phone calls with you for regulatory purposes, for training and to ensure and improve quality of service delivery, to ensure safety of our staff and customers, and to resolve queries or issues. We also use CCTV on our premises to ensure the safety and security of our staff and customers.
  • Credit reference agencies (e.g. Experian) and fraud prevention agencies (e.g. CIFAS).
  • Payment card networks (e.g. MasterCard).
  • Price comparison websites.
  • Retailers.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Advertisers, Social media networks and companies that do market research, statistical and behavioural analysis (e.g. Google and Facebook).
  • The Government and their agencies (e.g. HM Revenue & Customs, Financial Conduct Authority, Business Banking Resolution Service, The British Business Bank and Companies House).
  • Public records (e.g. the electoral roll and other public sources including internet searches).
  • Other companies that provide a service to us (e.g. surveyors and lawyers).
  • Marketing Services Providers - These are companies that collect personal data from a number of sources for the purposes of creating profiles of customer groups.
  • Other third parties who have authorisation to share information with us.
  • Other third parties who you have chosen to connect to your Virgin Atlantic Credit Card account (e.g. Virgin Red in your Virgin Money Wallet).

We'll also analyse and combine the information collected (sometimes automatically) to understand the way you use your account and our services as well as what you might like and what you might do. Through our analysis we may create a profile of you to help us predict your financial behaviour and preferences so we can provide services to you ('profile information'). Some of our products or service involve you authorising third parties to share information with us. This may be combined with other information we hold and analysed in order to provide that product or service. Please see section 5 "Why we need the information and what we use it for" for further information.

5. Why we need the information and what we use it for

Data Protection law requires us to have one or more of the following reasons for using your information:

  1. Contract performance’ – the information needed to deliver your account, product or service, e.g. we’ll need to hold your transaction history to give you an account statement.
  2. Legal obligation’ – we are required by law to process your information, e.g. to verify your identity.
  3. Legitimate interest’ – we’re allowed to use your information where, on balance, the benefits of us doing so are legitimate and not outweighed by your interests or legal rights e.g. we have an interest in knowing what our customers do and don’t like so we can offer better products and services.
  4. Consent’ – in some cases we may obtain your consent to use information in a particular way or where the law requires consent to be obtained, e.g. if you consent to us recording something about your health so we can improve the way we communicate with you. Whenever ‘consent' is the only reason for us using the information you have the right to change your mind and change or withdraw your consent. Please see section 12 "Your legal rights in relation to your information" for details about how to withdraw your consent to marketing.

Using your information

These are the main ways we’ll use your information (and the reasons for doing so):

The law requires us to screen applications and to monitor accounts to help combat the threats posed to our society by terrorism and money-laundering and other financial crime. We also have a legitimate interest in avoiding losses caused by financial crime such as fraud. We may also share information with law enforcement agencies and other regulatory bodies or government departments to comply with legal obligations (such as tax and immigration authorities).

We may check and share relevant information held by us (such as your contact details and financial information) with fraud prevention agencies, credit reference agencies, law enforcement and other government agencies and other banks and regulators for the purpose of preventing, detecting and prosecuting financial crime and the funding of terrorism.

To do that, we'll use any information you have given us, that we have obtained from a third party, or that we have obtained by looking at how you use our services, including name, address, date of birth, every country of residence/citizenship, personal identification (which may include passport or driving license number) your IP address, and information about any criminal convictions. This might include information about your location or your device, which helps to detect and prevent crime and fraud.

We have a legitimate interest in recovering debts that are due to us if there isn’t a satisfactory plan in place to repay them.

We'll use your contact details, information we obtain from looking at how you have used our services (including information about your location that we may find from reviewing your accounts), and information available within the Group about how you have used services provided by other members of the Group.

We'll give information to and receive information from third parties where that is necessary to recover debts due by you to us including by bringing legal proceedings in the courts. Examples of third parties include other banks, debt recovery agents, solicitors, credit reference agencies and sheriff officer or bailiff services. This might also include passing information about you to a third party who we have transferred your debt to (for example, for securitisation), and who will then contact you directly to collect that debt. If your debt is transferred to a third party you will be advised of the identity of that third party.

We use your information in this way because it is necessary to perform our contract with you, to exercise our legal rights, and because it is fair and reasonable for us to do so.

The range of products and services we offer (including those provided by companies outside the Virgin Money UK PLC Group) is constantly evolving.

We have a legitimate interest in telling you about our products, services and any new developments that we think may interest you, but only where we are permitted to do so. For some marketing activity, including telling you about the products and services of other companies, we’ll need to ask for your consent to use your information. We don’t want to send you irrelevant or excessive information, so we’ll use the information we hold, particularly profile information, to decide what to tell you, and how and when we’ll do this. This includes advising business customers who meet a certain scoring threshold that they may be eligible for Sustainability Linked-Loans.

You have a legal right to tell us at any time that you don’t want us to use the information we hold in this way or to withdraw any consent that you have given to us.

We’ll only get in touch in the ways you’ve told us are acceptable to you. If you’ve said you don’t want to see marketing information, you’ll not receive it. You can opt in to, or out of, receiving marketing information at any time by contacting us in the usual way (see section 13 for contact points).

If you are happy to be contacted with marketing, we want you to get the most relevant information about the products and services that will be the most beneficial to you, at the right time. The most effective way for us to do this is to use automated processes to create a profile of you for marketing. To do this, we use:

  • information you give to us;
  • details about how you have used other products and services you have with us or the Group;
  • any feedback you have given us;
  • information we have obtained from credit reference agencies (including, but not limited to, those set out in Appendix 1) ; and
  • information from other companies we are partnering with (including, but not limited to, those set out in Appendix 3).

We might also receive information about you from a third party and use it to market our products and services to you, where you have given that third party your consent to share the information with us. We may collect your name and address from other service providers for the purpose of providing suitable marketing to you.

We might also ask you for consent to display marketing from Virgin Red as part of your Virgin Money Wallet app, both within the app and via push notifications.

Our manual or automated processes analyse this information to decide what products and services to offer to you and to prioritise the marketing messages you receive by; assessing your eligibility for those products and services; assessing how likely they are to be useful for you; and deciding how likely you are to respond. For these purposes we may also gather information about whether you’ve opened or clicked on an email, the type of device you are using and the general area in which you open the email.

The partners we pass your information to for marketing might also carry out marketing profiling using your information for these purposes. See Appendix 3 for a list of our partners and Appendix 4 for the categories of our suppliers. We’ll pass your information to our service providers who help us with these marketing activities.

Sometimes we work with other companies to offer you the best products and services. We’ll sometimes share your information with our partners, and receive information about you from our partners, to make sure that we give you the best, most relevant offers when we market to you (if you have consented). SeeAppendix 3 for a list of our partners and Appendix 4 for the categories of our suppliers.

We’ll give information to and receive information from third party independent financial advisers and mortgage brokers who have introduced you to us, so that we can provide you with our products and services and manage our relationships with those third parties (including payment of any fees).

To do this, we’ll use information about the general nature of the products and services and information about the value of those products and services.

To provide you with mortgage and certain insurance products, in addition to the information already listed above, we’ll need to use additional information about your needs and circumstances, to ensure that we provide you with the right products and services.

For mortgages this will include details of income and expenditure, assets and liabilities, and details of intended retirement age. For life and critical illness this will include date of birth, smoker status and details of existing policies, and information about how you have used other products and services offered by us or other members of our Group including previous claims under existing policies you have with us as well as with other providers.

We might share all of the information we use for this purpose with third parties who help us to deliver the advice. These third parties include credit checking and fraud prevention agencies and our insurance provider partners. See Appendix 1 for a list of the credit reference and fraud prevention companies we use and Appendix 2 for a list of our insurance provider partners. We use your information in this way because it is in our interests and your interests for you to receive advice about the right products and services for you, and to comply with the rules of our regulators.

6. Why we need special categories information and what we use it for

Special protection is given to special categories information. We’ll only use this kind of information if we have one or more of the following reasons for using your information:

  • 'Legal obligation' - where we have a specified legal obligation e.g. to protect vulnerable people.
  • 'Vital interests' – where we need to protect your vital interests e.g. if you have a severe and immediate medical need whilst on our premises.
  • 'Public interest' – where it is in the substantial public interest.
  • 'Prevention or detection of crime' – where it is necessary to prevent or detect crime e.g. to identify fraud
  • 'Insurance purposes' – where it is necessary for insurance purposes.
  • 'Explicit consent' – where you have given us explicit consent to use the information.

Using special categories information

We use the following special categories information for the purposes set out below. Click each heading to find out more.

  • If you apply for a health related insurance product we'll require your information to provide you with services that are suitable for you:
  • if we identify that you have a health related vulnerability, we’ll share that within our organisation to the extent needed to protect your interests and provide you with services that are suitable for you;
  • if we need to provide you with urgent medical assistance when you are on our premises; and
  • to ensure you are treated fairly if financial difficulty arises because of a vulnerability.

Some of our accounts use facial and other biometric recognition technology to enable customers to verify identity when opening accounts – we'll ask for your consent when setting up this access. In addition we also use behavioural biometric recognition technology to verify your identity when you are making online purchases with your debit or credit card. Behavioural Biometrics is the use of machine learning to analyse patterns in activity and to detect whether someone really is who they claim to be when they interact online. This way, we can recognise if the activity is potentially fraudulent.

We may ask for this information to fulfil our regulatory and reporting obligations relating to ensuring fairness and equality in our service delivery.

We may use information about criminal proceedings relating to you to make lending decisions (for example we’ll not lend to you if you have a criminal prosecution pending), for fraud prevention/antimoney laundering purposes and to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations.

Sometimes the transactions in your bank accounts will reveal special categories information (such as your political opinions, health status, religious beliefs and trade union membership), depending on payments you make and receive. This information may be processed by us to provide account payment services to you and will not be used for any other purpose.

7. Who we share information with

When using the information we hold we may share it with other people or organisations.

We’ll treat the information we hold as confidential and may share information with the following who are also required to keep the information confidential, safe and secure:

  • The companies within the Virgin Money UK PLC Group.
  • The relevant business customer connected to you.
  • Other companies, commercial partners, agents and professionals who provide products, services and administrative support to the Virgin Money UK PLC Group (e.g. our IT Suppliers).
  • The companies, organisations and professionals who provide other services to you.
  • Anyone we may transfer our rights and duties under any arrangement to.
  • Anyone else with your permission, including for open banking (which allows you to ask for data to be shared between financial services providers to give you a wider choice of integrated products and services).
  • Anyone else where you have asked us to connect their service to your Virgin Atlantic Credit Card account (e.g. Virgin Red in your Virgin Money Wallet, which allows you to manage your Virgin Red account and earn and spend Virgin Red points).

We may also share information we hold with the following types of organisation:

  • Credit reference agencies.
  • Fraud prevention agencies.
  • UK and overseas regulators, authorities and their service providers (e.g. the Financial Conduct Authority, Business Banking Resolution Service, the British Business Bank or Companies House).
  • UK and overseas tax authorities (e.g. HM Revenue & Customs).
  • UK and overseas law enforcement agencies (e.g. the National Crime Agency).

How we work with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies

To assess an application for a product or service we’ll perform identity checks on you with one or more credit reference agencies (CRAs). Where you apply for credit we’ll also perform credit checks on you with the CRAs. We may also make periodic checks with CRAs to manage your account with us.

To do this we’ll pass your information to CRAs and they’ll give us information about you. The information we’ll supply includes information from your application and your financial situation and history. CRAs will also supply us with public (including the electoral register) and shared credit, financial situation and financial history information and fraud prevention information.

We’ll continue to exchange information about you with CRAs while you have a relationship with us. We’ll also inform the CRAs about your settled accounts. If you borrow and do not repay in full and on time, CRAs will record the outstanding debt. They may supply this information to other organisations.

When CRAs do a credit search they’ll place a footprint on your credit file that may be seen by other lenders and may affect your ability to borrow from them.

If you’re making a joint application, or you tell us that you have a spouse or financial associate, we’ll link your records together - so you should make sure they know what you’re doing, and share this information with them, before applying. CRAs will also link your records together. If you later want to break this link you need to talk directly to the CRAs.

The identities of the CRAs, their role as fraud prevention agencies, the data they hold, the ways in which they use and share information, data retention periods and your data protection rights with the CRAs are explained in more detail in the CRA Information Notice (CRAIN). You can find this on each of the CRA websites at:

We may also use services from TransUnion for additional purposes not detailed in the CRA Information Notice (CRAIN) to assist us with fraud prevention, identification and verification as well as other purposes. You can find out how your data will be processed by TransUnion for these additional purposes on the following website: Link opens in a new window

The CRAs described above also perform roles as fraud prevention agencies (FPAs). In addition we’re a member of CIFAS and National Hunter which are both FPAs.

Before providing a product or service to you we may undertake checks with the FPAs for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraud or money laundering. To do this we’ll supply your information to FPAs and they’ll give us information about you. This will include information from your application or we have received from third parties.

If we or a FPA believes you pose a fraud or money laundering risk, we may refuse to provide a new product or service to you or we may stop providing an existing product or service. We may share any relevant information we receive from a FPA with the CRAs.

A record of any fraud or money laundering risk will be retained by the FPAs, and may result in others refusing to provide services, financing or employment to you.

We and FPAs may also allow law enforcement agencies to access and use your information to detect, investigate and prevent crime. For further information please ask a member of staff or visit:

8. Using information outside the United Kingdom

We may need to transfer your information outside the UK and the EEA to other Group companies, service providers, agents, subcontractors and regulatory authorities in countries where data protection laws may not provide the same level of protection as those in the UK and the EEA, such as the USA. For example, if you hold a credit or debit card with us, we’ll share transaction details with the payment network (e.g. Mastercard) who may process this information worldwide.

In these cases we’ll take all reasonable steps necessary to make sure your information is protected to UK standards. This may be through only allowing transfers to countries which the EU Commission has decided ensures an adequate level of protection for your information (an “adequacy decision”), or we have put in place our own measures to ensure adequate security as required by data protection law.

These measures include having recognised safeguards in place with our commercial partners, such as carrying out strict security checks on our overseas partners and suppliers, backed by strong contractual undertakings approved by the relevant regulators such as the EU style model clauses or where our commercial partner is a signatory to a recognised and binding code of conduct. You can find out more information about standard contractual clauses as detailed by the ICO. Visit their website at Link opens in a new window and search for 'International Transfers'.

To find out more about any particular uses of information in countries outside the EEA, the existence of an “adequacy decision” for that country or the safeguards we have put in place, please contact our DPO.

The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020 and so we will need to transfer your personal information to the UK and to other jurisdictions outside of the European Economic Area so that you can continue to use our products and services. Transfers of your personal data from the EU to the UK will proceed on the basis of an Adequacy Decision by the European Commission in favour of the UK or on the basis of adequate protections which comply with EU GDPR and we will need to continue to comply with EU GDPR in relation to how we process your personal data. In particular, we will continue to keep your data secure. Should you wish to contact us with any questions you have on how we use your information or about your data rights and our obligations as a Data Controller, you can contact our EU representative The Data Warehouse at Keizersgracht 482, 1017EG, Amsterdam, Netherlands or by email at You can also contact our Data Protection Officer by email at You can also contact our Data Protection Officer by email at or by post at Group Data Protection Officer, Group Risk, Level 3, 51 West George Street, Glasgow, UK, G2 2JJ.

9. How long we hold information

How long we keep your information for depends on the products and services we deliver to you. We’ll retain information for no longer than is necessary to manage your relationship with us (see section 5 “Why we need the information and what we use it for” and section 6 “Why we need special categories information and what we use it for”) and this will mean that we’ll continue to hold some information for a period of time after your account has closed or our relationship has ended, for example where required by a regulator, for active or potential legal proceedings, to resolve or defend claims, or for making remediation payments.

If you would like any further information about how long we hold your information, please contact our DPO by email at or by post at Group Data Protection Officer, Group Risk, Level 3, 51 West George Street, Glasgow G2 2JJ.

10. Keeping you up to date

We’ll communicate with you about products and services we are delivering using any contact details you have given us – for example by post, email, text message, social media and notifications on our app or website.

Where you have given us consent to receive marketing, you can withdraw consent, and update your marketing preferences by visiting a branch, calling us directly, via online banking or through the Virgin Money App. For contact details, use the Virgin Money App or visit our websites on Link opens in a new window for Clydesdale Bank customers, Link opens in a new window for Yorkshire Bank customers, Link opens in a new window for B customers and for Virgin Money customers.

You can also update your contact preferences through the Virgin Money App, by visiting a branch or calling us directly. For contact details, visit our websites on Link opens in a new window for Clydesdale Bank customers, Link opens in a new window for Yorkshire Bank customers, Link opens in a new window for B customers and for Virgin Money customers.

11. Your online activities

We use cookies to track your use of our website. We may use cookies to provide tailored marketing messages when you are logged into our website, if you have given us consent. For further information on our use of cookies visit:

13. Contacting us for further information

You can contact us at any time to discuss how to exercise your data protection rights by emailing us at To discuss how we hold and use your information, please contact us by email at or by post at Group Data Protection Officer, Group Risk, Level 3, 51 West George Street, Glasgow G2 2JJ.

14. Appendices

List of our Credit Reference, Credit Rating, Debt Recovery and Fraud Prevention agencies.

Equifax LimitedCredit Referencing
Experian LimitedCredit Referencing
CreditSafe Business Solutions LimitedCredit Referencing
TransUnion International UK LimitedCredit Referencing
Dun & Bradstreet LimitedCredit Referencing
Eunexus Pty LtdFraud Prevention
AML Analytics LimitedFraud Prevention
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (UK) LimitedFraud Prevention
DIA Europe B.V.Fraud Prevention
CA LimitedFraud Prevention
Fiserv UK LimitedFraud Prevention
CIFASFraud Prevention
National Hunter LtdFraud Prevention
Apex Credit Management LimitedDebt Recovery
Blue Stone Credit ManagementDebt Recovery
Fitch Solutions LimitedCredit Rating
Moody's Analytics UK LimitedCredit Rating
Thomson ReutersFraud Prevention
LexisNexisFraud Prevention
VocalinkFraud Prevention

List of insurance companies who provide insurance products for our customers.

Insurance Companies
Aviva Insurance Limited
Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited
AIG Europe Limited
Lifestyle Services Group Limited
U K Insurance Limited
P&MM Limited
Hiscox Insurance Company Limited
Legal and General Assurance Society Limited
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance PLC

List of our third party partners.

Third Party Partners
Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance PLC
Legal and General Assurance Society Limited
Hiscox Insurance Company Limited
The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited
Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited
Travelex Currency Services Limited
Global Payments
Origen Financial Services Limited
Mazars Limited
AIG Europe Limited
Lifestyle Services Group Limited
U K Insurance Limited
Sodexo Motivation Solutions UK Limited
Accelerated Payment Limited
Expend Limited
Bright HR Limited
Superscript Limited
Virgin Red Limited
UT Tax Limited

List of the categories of our suppliers.

Categories of Suppliers
Complaints Management Services
Account monitoring and operation
Customer Services
Debt Management Services
Fraud Monitoring and Services
Insurance Services
Legal Services
Lending decisions
Loyalty Programmes
Marketing Campaigns and Services
Payment Systems and Services
Professional Services
Regulatory Monitoring and Services
Sales Monitoring and Services
Travel and Events Services
Regulatory Reporting
Credit Reference Agencies
Information Security Services
Physical Security Services
Government Services
IT Service Companies
Business Management App Services,
Accounting Software Services