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Your Money Stocks and Shares ISA award-winner seven years running.

YourMoney Best stocks and shares ISA provider

Better together


Wouldn't it be good to see all your ISAs working hard for you in one place?

Transferring your ISAs to our Stocks and Shares ISA can make them simpler to manage – giving you a clearer view of how they’re performing.

Moving to a Virgin Money ISA is easy – just choose your investing approach, tell us which ISAs you’d like to transfer and we’ll do the rest.

  • Straightforward

    No jargon, no waffle, just three no-nonsense investment choices.

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  • Good value

    Our experts invest your money worldwide to reduce risk and help it grow, at a fair price.

    Learn more about charges
  • Responsible

    We make investment decisions that consider people and the planet.

    See how we invest responsibly
  • Rewarding

    Treat yourself with rewards from the Virgin family and beyond.

More bang for your buck

Pair up your Stocks and Shares ISA with a 1 Year Fixed Rate Exclusive savings account for a bumper bonus. Terms apply.

Find out more about this savings account

Remember, the value of investments can go up and down, so you may get back less money than you put in. Tax depends on your individual circumstances and the regulations may change in the future.

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Let’s get moving

It’s easy to get started in just a few minutes.

See how much your money could grow

Our Stocks and Shares ISA calculator is the quick and easy way to see how bright your financial future could be.

Stay in control with our Online Service and app

Making it easy to keep track of your investments wherever you are.

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The serious bits

Our charges are 0.75% in total each year, based on the value of your account. This is made up of two clear and simple charges. An Account Charge of 0.30% for managing your account and an Annual Management Charge of 0.45% for managing your investments.

More about our charges
Our Terms
Everything you need to know, explained clearly. Includes the Key Features of the Stocks and Shares ISA and how we use your personal information.

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We help keep you safe online with our extra level of protection.

More about security
Protecting your money
In the unlikely event we can’t meet our financial obligations, you may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to a maximum value of £85,000.
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Find out about the FSCS
Fund Value Assessment report
An evaluation of our funds' value for money and performance. Its purpose is to report on whether we believe we are providing good value. It also outlines our plans if there are things we think we can improve.

Find out about the Fund Value Assessment report
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The ins and outs

It's easy to transfer your existing cash ISA and stocks and shares ISAs to us. Sorry, we can't accept transfers of Help to Buy, Innovation Finance, Lifetime or Junior ISAs.

Here's a few tips when transferring your cash and stocks and shares ISAs:

See how much your money could grow

Use our quick and easy calculator to see how bright your financial future could be.

Stocks and Shares ISA calculator

Ready to apply?

If you know enough about our Stocks and Shares ISA and just want to get going, click below.

Choose your approach

Got a question?

We've got the answer.

You can transfer ISAs from previous tax years to Virgin Money without affecting this year's ISA allowance. If you want to transfer an ISA that you've contributed to in the current tax year, it counts towards your annual allowance.

That depends on the type of investments you have and who your provider is. Sometimes it can take a few weeks, but we'll make it as quick and easy as we can. Here's how it works.

You give us details of the account(s) you want to transfer – including your current provider, your plan or account reference and the amount you want to transfer.

We'll contact your existing provider and usually get everything sorted online. Some providers won’t accept a digital signature, so we might get in touch again to ask you to sign and return a transfer form by post.

You'll be able to track the progress of your transfer in Online Service and we'll let you know when everything's complete.

You can transfer as many ISAs as you like from previous tax years. Just give us the details when you apply, or transfer them one at a time once you've opened your account.

Remember, you can't transfer a Help to Buy ISA, Innovative Finance ISA or Junior ISA.

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