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Jess Tedds Brighter Living

Seven healthy and delicious recipes on a budget

Are you kickstarting your healthy eating this month? Foodie influencer, Jess Tedds from @JustJessFood is here to keep your cooking costs down with a bunch of tasty and nutritious recipes to suit the whole family.

person using mobile phone Money on your Mind

Five tips to get you through the cost of living crisis

two people chatting on a sofa with a hot drink Money on your Mind

Let’s talk about the ‘M’ word

Whether it’s with a friend, partner or your boss - talking about money can feel awkward and embarrassing. We spoke to the Money Medics to find out why it feels this way and how we can make money feel like less of a dirty word

Bex Burn-Callander Brighter Business

The key dates every business owner needs in their diary

Check out our month-by-month calendar of the must-know financial dates in the 2023/24 UK tax year.

Latest in Brighter Business

Bex Burn-Callander Brighter Business

Five ways to supercharge your business

Growing your business can seem like an impossible task. So, we asked accomplished business owners to share their tips for finding success and boosting turnover (and profit) – against the odds.

Ash-Pardiwalla Brighter business

Eight tips for starting a business from home

Looking to set up a business from your humble abode? We asked our friends over at Superscript for their tips to help you get started.

business owner fixing a bike Brighter business

How to manage your wellbeing as a business owner

Looking after your wellbeing should never be the last thing on your to-do list, but for many busy business owners, it is. Here are seven simple ways you can maintain a healthy mind while running a successful business.

Bex Burn-Callander Brighter Business

The key dates every business owner needs in their diary

Check out our month-by-month calendar of the must-know financial dates in the 2023/24 UK tax year.

Business owner with mobile and coffee Brighter Business

How to level up your business cyber security

Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing risks to small businesses – here are some small steps you can take to protect your business according to Virgin Money Information Security expert, Elaine McKechnie.

person with laptop working Brighter business

Five tips to get businesses through the cost of living crisis

The cost of living is soaring and you’ll need to do what you can to strengthen your business’s financial footing. Here’re some top tips for surviving rocketing prices, according to finance journalist Harriet Meyer

business owner in a green apron Brighter Business

The best cities to start a business in the UK

From recovery rates to happiness ratings, we've looked at the important factors to consider when deciding where to start your business. Here are the cities in the UK that came out on top, according to our latest research

Karla McNeilage Brighter business

Nine marketing tips that will help get your business noticed

Marketing is all about making waves to boost sales. So, we asked marketing expert, Karla McNeilage, founder of Wave Socials to share her helpful hints and top tips so you can transform your business

florist arranging flowers Brighter business

The essential guide to mastering your cashflow management

Managing your cashflow can be daunting, especially in the current climate. So, we asked financial journalist, Simon Read to round up the best ways you can manage, monitor and improve your cashflow for business success

Brighter Business

Six successful business TikTokers to follow

Thinking of starting a business? Here's our pick of six business TikTokers you should follow for inspiration...

Virgin Money debit and business card Money on your Mind

What’s the difference between a personal bank account and a business bank account?

If you're new to starting a business, you may wonder what account you need. Find out the differences between personal current accounts and business accounts here.

person feeding cows Brighter business

Agri E Fund: helping farmers create a greener future

If you’re a farmer looking to make your business more sustainable, you could benefit from our Agri E Fund. Here’s how...

Pilar Nalwimba Brighter business

“Boost your business’s social media presence in ten simple steps”

Looking for new ways to make your business stand out from the crowd on social media? Can’t quite understand why your followers aren’t growing? Social media and digital content expert Pilar Nalwimba reveals ten easy ways to fix that…

Business owner on laptop Brighter business

Five business trends that will supercharge your business in 2022

What are business trends and how can you best prepare for them? Read our guide and predictions on upcoming business trends for 2022 here

Andy Fishburn Money on your Mind

How to start a successful business in 2022

Is 2022 a good year to set up a startup? Andy Fishburn, Managing Director of Virgin StartUp shares his top tips and advice on setting up your own business in 2022...

Student learning from teacher Brighter business

Virgin Money's Levelling Upstarts Programme

Virgin Money are delighted to launch Levelling Upstarts, an innovative new programme which gives businesses the opportunity to partner directly with MBA and master's students from leading universities.

Brighter business

Business loans: the future is bright

If you run a sustainable business, you could benefit from our sustainability-linked business loans designed specifically for UK SMEs.

Small Screen Talent Meet the Upstarts

Meet the Upstarts: Small Screen Talent

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an upstart? Meet Ross Adams, one of our business banking customers, who’s used his successful career in acting and passion for teaching to start his very own unique TV acting academy and professional agency for young performers

Stephanie Giordano: business owner of 'Baked by Steph'. Brighter business

"How I turned my side hustle into a thriving business"

Stephanie Giordano turned her bespoke bakery business into a successful enterprise creating hundreds of beautifully detailed cookies per day. Find out more about starting a business here.