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Brexit - What this means for you

We understand you might want to know if Brexit affects your accounts, so we’ve set out a simple set of questions and answers to give you that information. If things change, we’ll update this page.

We have no plans to change the way we service the majority of our customers who are non-UK resident. If you live in the Netherlands or Italy and hold a Savings or Current Account unfortunately we can no longer provide or service your accounts. We have written to those impacted to provide details of the timescales and next steps.

Yes, you will. There won’t be any change to the way your current account or savings account works. We will let you know if that changes.

Yes. Your money will continue to be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. More information is available at Link opens in a new window

Yes. EU citizens who are permanent UK residents will still be able to apply for credit after Brexit, subject to our normal policy and affordability assessment.

Yes. There will be no change to how you use your debit or credit card following Brexit.

Yes. After Brexit you'll still have the same overseas purchase protection overseas that you do today.

Yes. You’ll still be able to instruct and receive payments in Euros in the ways that you can at the moment.

Yes. Your policies will not change because of Brexit. More detailed information about your travel insurance and Brexit is available in our Travel Insurance FAQs Link opens in a new window.

Yes. Online Service and Mobile Banking will not be affected by Brexit.

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