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You may be aware of ongoing mail disruption across the UK which may mean a delay on when you get your printed statements and any other letters from us.

Don't worry, there's lots we can do digitally

While your post is on its way, you can use our current account or credit card app to do some things digitally.

While we can't help that the post might arrive a bit late, if you bank digitally, you can still check your statements whenever you like and access loads of other useful features.

What can our apps do?

  • View and download statements
  • Manage your money 24/7
  • Check your balance and daily spending
  • Pay bills, move money, and manage direct debits and standing orders
  • Report your card as lost or stolen and order a replacement
  • Chat to us if you have any concerns

We've got an app to help you manage your accounts, and one for credits cards.

Find out about the current account app

Find out about the credit card app

Are the apps safe?

Thanks to our amazing security and anti-fraud systems, we keep an eagle eye on your accounts, and will quickly nudge you if we spot anything unusual. Our teams are always there in the background making sure everything's tickety-boo.

Find out more

Ready to register?

It's super easy to get started. Just have your customer number to hand. Our apps work on smartphones and tablets running at least Apple iOS 13 or Android 9.

Current account app

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Credit card app

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