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Curved wall arch Brighter living

Five stunning budget interior trends to try in 2022

From curved furnishings to ancient Greece décor, here’s how you can get on top of this year’s interior trends for less.

Cullen and Ola Money on your mind

Should you buy a home with your best friend?

What are the things you should consider before buying a home with your best friend? Viral TikTok stars Bricks and Disorder reveal everything you need to know before dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Clare Seal Money on your Mind

'The hidden costs of buying a home - and how I dealt with them'

Buying your first home is a monumental milestone moment that is also financially draining, and we’re not just speaking about that hefty deposit. We spoke to financial influencer Clare Seal about the unexpected costs that come with home ownership

using phone Money on your Mind

How to give your money a makeover in 2022 – a month by month plan

Sorting out money matters can seem daunting but breaking it down into smaller goals is not only more manageable but makes them a lot more achievable. Check out our 2022 month-by-month guide to financial fitness.

Latest in Brighter Business

Business owners with an open sign Brighter business

How to manage your mental health as a business owner

Understanding when to release the accelerator and activate the brakes for a bit is key to managing your physical and mental wellbeing as a founder. Here are seven simple ways you can maintain a healthy mind while running a busy business.

Business owner with mobile and coffee Brighter Business

The key dates every business owner needs in their diary

Check out our month-by-month calendar of the must-know financial dates in the 2022/23 UK tax year

Pilar Nalwimba Money on your mind

“Boost your business’s social media presence in ten simple steps”

Looking for new ways to make your business stand out from the crowd on social media? Can’t quite understand why your followers aren’t growing? Social media and digital content expert Pilar Nalwimba reveals ten easy ways to fix that

Business owner on laptop Brighter business

Five business trends that will supercharge your business in 2022

What are business trends and how can you best prepare for them? Read our guide and predictions on upcoming business trends for 2022 here

Andy Fishburn Money on your Mind

How to start a successful business in 2022

Is 2022 a good year to set up a startup? Andy Fishburn, Managing Director of Virgin StartUp shares his top tips and advice on setting up your own business in 2022...

Iona Bain, author of Own It! How Our Generation Can Invest Our Way to a Better Future. Brighter business

Business loans: the future is green

If you run a sustainable business, you could benefit from our sustainability-linked business loans – they’re a European first

Student learning from teacher Brighter business

Virgin Money's Levelling Upstarts Programme

Virgin Money are delighted to launch Levelling Upstarts, an innovative new programme which gives businesses the opportunity to partner directly with MBA and master's students from leading universities.

Stephanie Giordano: business owner of 'Baked by Steph'. Brighter business

"How I turned my side hustle into a thriving business"

Stephanie Giordano turned her bespoke bakery business into a successful enterprise creating hundreds of beautifully detailed cookies per day. Find out more about starting a business here.