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We’re working on a brand new current account. It’s so new it’s not ready for you to use, but it will be soon.

If you’re interested in knowing more, give us your details and we’ll tell you when it’s available.

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Where to manage your account

With the Essential Current Account you can bank with us at your local Virgin Money Store. You can also access your account at any Post Office branch, and we offer some services online, over the phone and by post.

The table below shows where you can go to manage your Essential Current Account:

ServiceStore1Post OfficeCash machineOnline2PhonePost
Check account balance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes-
Check recent transactions Yes-- Yes Yes-
Check Direct Debits & standing orders3 Yes-- Yes Yes-
Cash withdrawal in pounds in the UK (maximum) Yes
Pay cash in (maximum) Yes Yes
Pay cheques in Yes---- Yes
Sending money within the UK by Faster Payments (maximum) Yes
--- Yes4
Set up or change standing orders Yes--- Yes5 Yes
Cancel standing orders and Direct Debits Yes--- Yes Yes
Make changes to your account Yes--- Yes6 Yes

1 Not all Stores offer cash services - check whether your local Store does with our Store Finder.

2 You can only view your account online if you are resident in the UK.

3 Direct Debit is a UK only service.

4 You can only make a Faster Payment over the phone if you have used the same payment details before. New payments will need to be set up in Store.

5 You can change the date, amount or frequency of an existing standing order over the phone.

6 You can only change certain information over the phone – for more details, please call us or visit your local Virgin Money Store.

7 For joint accounts, the £500 daily cash limit is shared between both account holders. You can only withdraw £500 from the Post Office OR a cash machine.

Note: if the account is a joint account, we will act on instructions given by either of you.

To find out more about managing your account see our Welcome guide for new customers PDF link opens in a new window (PDF, 1.179MB)

Looking to Switch?

It’s quick and easy to transfer your existing UK current account to us using the Current Account Switch Service. We can transfer the balance and any Direct Debits and standing orders from your old account to us in just seven business days.

Current Account Switch Guarantee

The service is completely free and backed by an industry-wide Current Account Switch Guarantee to ensure the move goes smoothly.

If you’re interested in switching, speak to the team at your local Virgin Money Store.

Current Account Switching Guide

Your money is safe


As we are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, savings with Virgin Money are covered up to £85,000 per person.

View the FSCS guarantee