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To be eligible for a personal loan all applicants must:

Existing customers can borrow £1,000 - £35,000 and repay over one to five years. Or, if you're borrowing £7,500 or more (and less than 50% of it is to pay back an existing loan) you may have the option to repay over up to seven years.

Payments are fixed for the duration of your loan.

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Frequently asked questions

Using the personal and financial information you provide us, we can tell you whether your application for a personal loan is likely to be successful. To get an accurate result we run the following automatically:

  • A soft credit check
  • A calculation of what you can afford based on your income and expenditure

A soft credit check is a background check on your credit report. It helps us give an accurate indication about your eligibility for a personal loan. No other company can see that we have run a check on you and it has no impact on what you can borrow in future.

To assess your likelihood of being approved for a personal loan, the personal information you provide us will be shared with our agents and credit reference agencies to search your credit file. This is a soft search only and won’t leave any visible footprint to other lenders on your credit history or affect your credit score.

Full details of how we use your personal information are contained in our Privacy Policy.