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Accidental Death Benefit

Accidental Death Benefit acts as short term cover when we cannot provide an immediate decision on your application.

Accidental Death Benefit features

  • Automatic cover is in place if we don’t provide you with a decision when you’ve completed your application
  • This cover ends once we’ve provided you with a decision on your application for life insurance
  • If there’s a claim, we will pay-out up to £100,000 or the cover amount applied for, whichever is lower
  • This covers you for accidental death, but won’t pay out if you die from natural causes, a pre-existing health issue or from suicide

What you need to know

Accidental death benefit covers you where a bodily injury is sustained caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means, and is the sole cause of death.

The following exclusions apply in the event of an accidental death:

  • Self-inflicted injury, including suicide and attempted suicide
  • Alcohol or recreational drugs
  • Active duty in the Armed Forces
  • War
  • Radioactive exposure
  • Participation in criminal activity

Why might I wait for a decision?

In certain circumstances we might not be able to provide you with an instant decision. In this situation we might ask for more details to help us process your application. This only happens with a small proportion of the applications we receive, and we attempt to make a decision as soon as we have received your additional details.

Making a claim for Accidental Death Benefit

An accidental death benefit claim follows a similar pattern to a policy claim. Unlike Life Insurance, you cannot email loved ones with your application details. For this reason we only require the applicants personal details when a claim is made.

The pay out will form part of your estate and will be paid according to the terms of your Will, or if there is no Will, according to the rules of intestacy.

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