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Opening an account

If you’re over 16 and live in the UK or EU, you’re free to apply for this account. Just one thing to note, you must apply in Store if you’re an EU* resident.

*The EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Yes, absolutely. The M Account is there to help people who might not be eligible for a standard account – this could be due to credit history or current circumstances. Talk to us about your situation and we’ll tell you about our products so you can decide which one’s right for you.

No. We’ll check your credit file as part of our verification checks when you apply but we won’t use this information to decide if you can have the M Account.

If you apply for our standard account - the Virgin Money Current Account - or one of our other accounts, we’ll check your credit file to see if it’s right for you. If we can’t offer you one of these, we’ll see if you’d like the M Account instead.

You can apply in Store or over the phone on 0800 678 3654.

If you’re over 18, we’ll try and identify you electronically. If this doesn’t work, we’ll ask you to provide identification documents to open the account. A list can be found here Link opens in a new window. We know it’s not always easy to give us things like passports or utility bills so we’re usually ok with alternatives. If that’s the case, we’ll need to talk to you in Store to understand what ID you can provide.

First of all, please take a photo of your ID. Then, go to the ‘Proof of ID’ section, choose the items you’re sending and attach the files. We need two pieces of ID - one for your name and one for your address. The documents we’re happy to accept are listed here Link opens in a new window.

We may have to get back in touch if the ID can’t be confirmed, so please make sure the photo is clear and we can see the whole document. If you could check we’ve got the right contact details in case we need to reach you, that would be great.

If you don’t have these documents, we’ll be happy to speak to you in Store to find out what you’re able to provide.

There's no Arranged Overdraft with the M Account as it is a basic bank account. If you need an overdraft and you're over 18 you can apply for an M Plus Account. If you're in need of financial help have a look at your options in our support hub.

Using the app and internet banking

Your customer number is a 10-digit number starting with either 10 or 30. Don’t worry if you don’t know it, retrieve your customer number.

If you want to change your six-digit passcode for the app, or you’ve forgotten it, you can easily reset it from the sign in screen in the app - just select 'Forgotten your passcode'. If you’re having problems, get in touch on 0800 121 7365.

The app is packed full of clever tools that put you in control of your money. You can label all your transactions, get handy budget tips and organise your savings into interest-earning pots.


You can set alerts by choosing ‘More’ on the bottom right menu, then ‘Manage alerts’. If you click on your current account, you can switch on alerts for:

  • Take action – sent when your balance can’t cover a payment.
  • Balance – sent when your balance drops below a certain amount or when you have a high balance.
  • Debit card transactions – when your card is used for payments over a set amount, abroad or in a certain way (at a cash machine or in a shop, for example).

Auto sweeps

Sweeps let you set up an automatic transfer from your M Saver to your M Account if the balance is getting low.


You can access this feature from the middle of the bottom menu on the budget icon. You’ll be able to keep track of how much you expected to spend v how much you have.

Transaction tagging

Some transactions will be automatically tagged. This means they’ll be given a spending category or you can tag transactions yourself. Hopefully it’ll help you understand what you’re spending on when you take a closer look within your budget tool.

You can find out more about the Virgin Money app features in the ‘More’ menu. Just choose ‘Help and contact’ and then ‘See how the app works’.

You can change your password any time and it's a good idea to do this regularly. Select the ‘More’ tab in the top right corner, then under ‘Login, access and security’, choose ‘Manage login and security’. Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset by selecting ‘I don’t know my password’ when signing in.

To make sure your internet banking access is secure, you should never:

  • Tell anyone your password.
  • Write your password down.
  • Use obvious words for your password, such as family names or birthdays.
  • Reuse a previous password

My debit card

Wherever you see the Mastercard symbol, you can use your debit card online and in shops. You can also get money out at cash machines or a Post Office®.

Your debit card is ready for Apple Pay and Google Pay so you can add your card to your digital wallet, making it even easier to pay for things.

Please check your Tariff to see how much you can withdraw each day. It can be found here Link opens in a new window.

Please call us on 0800 121 7365 as soon as possible. We’ll cancel the lost or stolen card so no more purchases can be made. We’ll also arrange for a replacement card to be sent to you.

The quickest and easiest way to let us know your card is lost or stolen is on the Virgin Money app. You can cancel your card straight away and order a new one in under 30 seconds.

Go to More > Manage your cards and follow the on screen instructions.

Watch a demo on reporting a card lost or stolen Link opens in a new window

(Opens in a new tab/window)

If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, your new card details will be linked to these services in around 24 hours. This way, you can continue to buy things while you wait for your actual card to arrive.

Yes, you can use it abroad in the same way you can in the UK. This includes contactless payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay and wherever you see the Mastercard symbol. Please note, local transactions limits may be different to the UK.

You can check out our currency conversion calculator to view our exchange rates and how they compare to the latest European Central Bank rates.

No fees when you travel - we wont charge you for spending on your card or withdrawing cash when you're abroad.

Making payments

In the app, go to the 'Move Money' tab and follow the instructions to make a one-off or regular payment to an existing payee, or to ‘Add new payee’. You can select ‘Person’ to send money to someone using their name, sort code and account number. Always be fraud aware and only send money to someone you trust. Find out more about keeping safe online..

Watch a demo on paying someone new Link opens in a new window

(Opens in a new tab/window)

To pay an organisation, select ‘Company’ and search our approved list using their name or account details. This works for organisations like utilities, local councils, credit cards and phone networks. You can save the company in your payee list for another time. When you set up the organisations you pay like this, there’s no daily limit for payments.

Watch a demo on paying a company Link opens in a new window

(Opens in a new tab/window)

There are limits when using the app or internet banking. Some payments will need extra authentication using a registered mobile device for the banking app. You can find out more about Strong Customer Authentication here.

Without authentication, you can usually make payments up to £500 a time, totaling £1,000 per day.

With authentication, these limits usually increase to £30,000. They don’t apply to transfers between your own accounts and don't include Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments made to our approved list of organisations.

If you have any questions about payments or limits, please get in touch on 0800 121 7365.

Go to the 'Move Money' tab in the app. Within the options menu, top right of the screen, you can select to view your Direct Debits or standing orders.

To cancel a Direct Debit, select the relevant payment, then select ‘Cancel this Direct Debit’ at the bottom of the screen. You need do this before 4pm on the working day before the payment is due. We recommend you also tell the organisation you were due to pay.

For a standing order, you can cancel the payment or amend the value and date instead. Simply select the payment you wish to change, then edit as you wish (on an Apple device, select ‘Edit’ first). The option to cancel is at the bottom. You’ll see the amended payment in your standing order list the next working day.

Watch a demo on managing standing orders and Direct Debits Link opens in a new window

(Opens in a new tab/window)

Currently, every Saturday, we set aside the money you’ll need to pay any bills which are due on the Monday. These are payments you’ve set up or ones that have been set up for you - things like Direct Debits and standing orders. From 14 August 2021, we’ll stop setting it aside, which means the money will still be in your account over the weekend.

Can I still spend money over the weekend?
Yes you can, but just remember to make sure there’s enough money in your account to cover any payments that are due on the Monday (or the next working day after a bank holiday).

How can I keep tabs on my weekend spending?
The quickest and easiest way is via the new Virgin Money mobile app, which is packed full of clever features like tracking and budgeting tools. If you haven’t already, download it from your usual app store.

Do these changes affect my incoming payments?
Not at all. None of your incoming payments, such as your salary, pension or benefits are affected.

Why are you making this change?
We’re doing it to give you more control over your money. As we’ll no longer be setting money aside at the weekend, it’ll be your choice what you spend and when. Just make sure you leave enough money in your account to cover any bills due on a Monday. If not, your Direct Debits and/or standing orders might not get paid which could lead to fees and charges. You can check your tariff for more information.

Will you tell me if I haven’t got enough money to pay a Direct Debit or standing order?
Yes we will, thanks to a useful tool available on our website and app, called Take Action Alerts. These free alerts let you know if a payment can’t be made because there’s not enough money in your account. If you’re registered on our app and we’ve got your mobile number, there’s nothing you need to do as you’ll receive these alerts automatically (unless you’ve opted out in the past). Otherwise, if you’d like to start receiving them, just update your contact details in your app or online.

Can I speak with someone about my account?
Of course, if you have any questions about your balance, payments or these changes, drop us a message in your app on Live Chat or contact us.

If the payee is saved to your list, you won’t need to authenticate them again unless you make a change to their details - name, sort code, account number, reference etc.

No - authentication will only be requested when you select ‘Make a payment’, enter the amount and choose ‘Move money’. This is when the verification happens.

If you’re making a future dated payment and it needs authentication, this will take place when you create the payment and select ‘Move money’. You don’t need to worry about authenticating again on the date of the payment. Any future dated payments you created before the change will be exempt.

No. Current Direct Debits and standing orders are ok. But if you’re setting up a new standing order, you’ll need to authenticate the payment. If the payee is saved to your list, you won’t need to authenticate them again unless you make a change to their details - name, sort code, account number, reference etc.

There’s a temporary lock on your account but don’t worry, it will be taken off in time. If you need to make the payment quickly, we can remove the temporary lock to help you make the payment online. We can also help you via telephone banking, please get in touch on 0800 121 7365.

We’re always looking out for you and your money. We’ve got information on a wide range of different scams, so letting us know a reason for your payment helps us narrow down the information you need to protect yourself, if we think there could be a risk.

It’s good to get into the habit of double checking your payments. If you receive a warning before making a payment, be extra careful to stop and make sure you’re happy it’s not a scam.

Scammers could ask you to pay money into a safe account, or tell you what to say. Virgin Money will never do this.

If you’re paying someone who contacted you on social media, be sure that you’re paying who you think you are. Think about how well you know the person you’re paying.

There’s more information about online scams on our website.

Stop. Don’t send any payments.

If your sort code begins 05 or 82, don’t send the payment and contact us on 0800 085 2914. We’re available 8am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.

If your sort code begins 08, don’t send the payment and contact us on 0800 012 1440. We’re available 8am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.

As part of the new Payment Services regulations (PSD2), you may be asked more often to verify a purchase when shopping online. These industry-wide changes mean that online retailers will need to ask us for extra security checks, to confirm that it's you, or your additional cardholder(s), making the purchase.

As well as entering a One Time Passcode, you will be asked to enter your home postcode to confirm your online purchase. This is so we can use behavioural biometric recognition technology to verify your identity. This is an important improvement in protecting you from fraud when shopping online.

Behavioural biometrics is a new type of check to help us verify your identify. It looks at ‘how’ you interact when using your device, for example the use of your keyboard, mouse and/or the way in which you hold your device.

Using this kind of technology allows us to recognise if someone really is who they claim to be when they interact online, or if the activity is potentially fraudulent. We’re introducing this as part our commitment to keep you safer when shopping online.

When we ask you to enter your home postcode along with a One Time Passcode on some online purchases, we’ll complete a behavioural biometric check. This will look at how you enter these details, so we can make sure it’s really you making that purchase and not a fraudster.

We’ve updated our Privacy policy to include the use of behavioural biometrics.

Savings and savings pots

You can open a linked M Saver from the VM mobile app, online, in Store or call us on 0800 121 7365. One of our team would be delighted to help you.

Go to the ‘My Savings’ tab in the app, go into your M Saver, then choose ‘Add a new savings pot’ from the options menu. You can then add a name and a target amount and date.

There’s no limit on the number of pots you can set up or the amount you can save in them. You earn interest on the whole balance of your savings pots.

In the app, head straight to ‘Move Money’. Then, select your M Account and scroll down to choose your M Saver account. This will expand to show you all your pots so you can transfer money to a pot of your choice. Or, click on ‘Not in a pot’ if you’d like to move money to your savings without allocating it to a pot.

You can make one-off transfers or select ‘Repeat this payment’ if you want to top up a pot regularly.

No - you can have as many as you like. There’s no limit on the number of pots or the value of your savings. So whether it’s for Christmas, holidays, home repairs, school trips or a rainy day, you can set up as many pots as you want.

Remember, there’s no minimum or maximum balance for a pot and they all go towards your M Saver balance.

This usually means you've transferred money out of your M Saver or an automated sweep has transferred money to top up your M Account. Your M Saver balance includes all your pots and any money you’ve not yet allocated to one. So, if the balance was too low, we'll need to know which pot(s) you'd like this to come from. Just follow the instructions on screen to reduce the number or value of your pots. Or, top up your savings with a transfer from your M Account.

Interest and charges

No. You'll get access to the M Account, M Saver and our smart banking app with no monthly fee.

As with any other bank account, other fees and charges may apply. For more, check here.

There are no fees for day-to-day services and you won’t be charged for a refused payment. You can find out what we do charge for here.

The M Account does not pay any interest. The M Saver pays interest based on the money in your account. If your balance is £25,000 or less, we’ll pay 2.02% AER1 (2.00% gross2 per annum variable) on the whole balance. If your balance is over £25,000, we’ll pay the higher rate on the first £25,000 and then 1.51% AER1 (1.50% gross2 per annum variable) on anything above that. Interest is calculated on a daily basis and is paid on the last business day of each quarter. For more information on this you can view our Summary Box Link opens in a new window

You can save as much as you like in your M Saver and earn interest on the whole balance. The number of savings pots you can have is unlimited too.

Help when you need it

For questions and requests on your M Account or app, please get in touch on 0800 121 7365. We’re here 24/7 and we’ll do everything we can to help. Calling from abroad? Use +44 141 221 7300.

A full list of contact details, including our address, is available on our contact page.

We want to make sure all our customers have confidence in their day-to-day banking and our products and services. Some people might need additional support and we’d like to understand your personal situation and provide you with a great experience. Please get in touch on 0800 121 7365 to talk about how we can support you.

If you’re worried that someone has committed fraud on your account, call us straightaway. Our contact details can be found here.

If you want to know more about protecting yourself from fraud, take a look at the Take Five campaign. There’s great information and lots of top tips to help keep you safe from fraud.

Need more help?

Ask questions

0800 121 7365

Or if you're abroad, call us on
+44 141 221 7300

We're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes.

Call charges and information
03 numbersSame as calls to 01 or 02 numbers and they are included in inclusive minutes and discount schemes in the same way.
084 numbersMaximum of 7p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge.
087 numbersMaximum of 13p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge.
0800 numbersFree from UK landlines and personal mobile phones.

Calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes.