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Tips for a safe trip

If you need to make a claim on your policy, we want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few hints and tips to help.

Things to do before you go

  • Take a copy of your insurance documents, passport and booking details and leave them with a family member or friend, in case of emergency.
  • Take a photo of your insurance certificate with your mobile phone, as this is something you’ll have with you most of the time you’re away.
  • Keep a note of your phone and/or tablet’s unique identifier IMEI code(s). If your devices go missing on your trip, we’ll need these codes to check their location and register your claim on your return.
  • Add the medical emergency assistance phone number into your mobile phone’s contacts and also make a note of the policy number somewhere memorable on your phone.
  • If you need to cancel the trip, we need evidence that all bookings have been cancelled and of any refunds you’ve secured for them, along with evidence of the reason for the cancellation.

Things to keep in mind while you're away

  • If a claim arises as a result of an accident, it would be helpful to get the details of the other party involved, especially their insurance details. If possible, try to get photos and witness details as well. If a claim arises later that doesn’t match your version of events, photos and witness reports can be essential in backing up your side of the story.
  • If you need to return home earlier than planned as a result of illness or injury to someone insured, you must get a report from a treating doctor in the resort, confirming that it’s medically necessary. Otherwise this may not be covered.
  • If you suffer loss, theft or damage to your belongings with an airline, get their report immediately. It’s called a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and is required if a claim is made.
  • If your items are damaged abroad, please don’t dispose of them if possible. We may want to see/retain the items before agreeing to any claim settlement. If you have to dispose of them, make sure you take photos of the damage caused before.
  • If your items are lost or stolen during the trip, get a written report from the local police within 24 hours. If you can’t report it to the police, get a report from another relevant authority (e.g. hotel manager, tour rep).

Things to remember when you get home

  • All claims must be reported to the claims team within 31 days of you returning home – otherwise they may not be accepted.
  • Check your policy terms and conditions. Is the incident you suffered covered by your insurance? We try to provide a wide variety of protection, but can’t guarantee we cover every situation.
  • Check your policy excess. Does the claim you’re making fall within this? Remember, the excess will apply to each person claiming and to each incident and to each section of the policy you claim under.
  • Your policy doesn’t work on a new for old basis, so won’t cover replacement items. Deductions will be made to reflect wear, tear and loss of value. Certain items may be subject to further deductions if no proof can be provided for them.
  • You'll need to complete a claim form which you'll be sent when you make your claim, or alternatively you can download it here.
  • If emailing your claim form, please use the email address of and ensure that any original documentation is sent to the claims address if required.
  • Use the checklist supplied with our claim forms. We require original documents, and you should carefully check you’re sending us everything we ask for.

Understanding your cover

We care about making sure you understand exactly what, and how much, you are covered for. Have a good look through your policy document and the table below before you travel.

Included in this coverRedSilverGoldBlack
Medical Expenses Show medical expenses help - content opens in new window£10,000,000£12,500,000£15,000,000Unlimited
Hospital benefit Show hospital benefit help - content opens in new window£1,000£1,000£1,500£2,000
Baggage Show baggage help - content opens in new window£1,250£1,500£2,000£2,500
Delayed baggage Show delayed baggage help - content opens in new window£75£100£200£300
Personal money Show personal money help - content opens in new window£350£500£500£750
Cancellation Show cancellation help - content opens in new window£2,000£3,000£5,000£7,500
Delayed departure Show delayed departure help - content opens in new window£200£300£400£500
Missed departure Show missed departure help - content opens in new window£500£500£1,000£1,500
Trip cut short Show trip cut short help - content opens in new window£2,000£3,000£5,000£7,500
Excess Show excess help - content opens in new window£100£60£50Nil
Gadgets Show gadgets help - content opens in new window£250£250£250£250
Mobiles Show Mobiles help - content opens in new windowNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included
Passports Show Passports help - content opens in new window£100£100£100£100