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How you can protect yourself

Here are our top tips to help you keep your personal and security information safe when you’re browsing the internet or using our Online Service.

Personal security information

Passwords play an integral part in your account security. You should never give your account details or other security information to anyone unless they are a permitted third party provider. You should never disclose your online account passwords to anyone under any circumstances.

Use strong passwords

It’s important to choose a password that will be difficult for anyone to guess. When you’re choosing your password:

  • Don’t use your name, the names of close family, your date of birth, or your home phone number in your password
  • Avoid common words, such as ‘password’.
  • Combine some of your favourite things to create a longer password that’s easy to remember.
  • Replace normal letters in your password with special characters, for example, ‘wa$h!ng’ instead of ‘washing’.
  • Use a mix of upper and lower case characters, and numbers.

For more help in choosing a strong password, visit Get Safe Online - Password link opens in a new window 

Install personal security software

There are lots of software applications that you can install to protect you and your PC while you’re online.

For help in choosing the right personal security software for you, visit Get Safe Online - Protecting Your Computer link opens in a new window 

Keep your PC up to date

Keep your PC up to date with software patches, as these are often released to fix weaknesses that have been identified in existing software.

It’s also important to keep your operating system up to date and make sure you’re using the most recent version of your browser.

Secure your wireless network

If you’re using a wireless network (or Wi-Fi) at home, remember to secure your network using a strong password.

If you’re not sure how to do this, check the manufacturer’s website for your Wi-Fi router or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP), if they supplied the equipment.