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Online Maturity Process

Ready to start? Review your options on maturity by selecting 'Sign in' at the top right of this page.

Not sure how to give your maturity instructions? We’ll guide you through our online maturity process in a few simple steps. If you're having problems using our online systems, please visit technical help.

  1. Once you’ve signed in to your account, you’ll see this screen confirming your account is approaching maturity. Select ‘View account’.

  2. This screen shows your projected balance on maturity and gives an overview of your options. To view more details on an account, select it and choose ‘Next’.

    You can reinvest your money in a new Cash ISA, or split it between a Cash ISA and a variable rate non-ISA. This is useful if you want to withdraw some of your money (e.g. your interest) after maturity. Remember any funds transferred into a non-ISA may lose their tax-free status.

    Alternatively, if you want to withdraw your funds or transfer your Cash ISA to another provider after maturity, select ‘Cancel’ and simply let your E-ISA mature.

  3. The following screen shows more information about the account you want to view.

    If you want to pick this account, choose 'Select and continue'. If not, choose 'Return to account list'.

    If you asked for more information on two different accounts, you'll see them one after the other.

  4. If you've chosen to split your money between two accounts, you’ll be asked to enter an amount for one of them and the remaining balance will be transferred to the other. The 'remaining balance' will include your accumulated interest. Once you’ve done this, select ‘Next’.

  5. You’ll be asked how you would like your interest to be paid. Once you’ve chosen, select ‘Next’.

  6. This is the final step. Simply review your instructions and 'Submit' once you’re happy.

  7. You’ll get the following message to confirm this has been completed.

  8. Your account will change from red to green to confirm your maturity instructions have been given.

  9. If you want to review your maturity instructions at a later date, simply sign in and select 'View account' on your maturing account. If you want to change your instructions, you can do this at any time before maturity by selecting 'Amend'.