Fund Prices
The table below shows our latest fund prices. Select a product to see the fund price history.
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* The Yield is a calculation which shows the income return that the fund has generated from the interest or dividends (income) received from the investments it holds. The Yields are calculated following Investment Association guidelines.

The yield for the Virgin UK Index Tracking Trust, the Virgin Bond, Gilt and UK Share Fund, the Virgin Bond Gilt, UK and Overseas Share Fund and the Virgin Global Share Fund are calculated using the 'Historic Yield' basis. The Historic Yield reflects distributions paid by the fund in the past twelve months as a percentage of the unit price.

The yield for the Virgin Income Trust is calculated using the 'Underlying Yield' basis. The Underlying Yield reflects the annualised income received by the fund from the investments it holds, net of expenses of the fund, as a percentage of the unit price of the fund.

A yield calculation is not carried out for the Virgin Pension funds or the Virgin Climate Change Fund. This is because those funds are made up of accumulation units where income received is automatically included in the unit price rather than being paid out.

Remember, yields may go down or up depending on the performance of the underlying assets and past performance is not a reliable guide to the future.