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About the card

It's a convenient way to shop abroad which is easier to budget with than a debit or credit card. It’s also safer than carrying bundles of cash and less hassle than travellers cheques.

Simply load up the card with money from your debit or credit card, then spend or withdraw cash from ATMs* as and when you need it. And because it is a prepaid card you won’t spend more than you budgeted.

You can use contactless to pay for items of up to £30, quickly and securely without having to enter your PIN, simply hold your card over the card reader. Look out for shops displaying the ‘contactless’ symbol.

*ATM withdrawal fee in card currency is $2/€1.50.

Unlike credit cards, a Virgin Money Prepaid Travel Mastercard application isn’t dependent on credit checks or earnings, so if you are a UK resident you can apply.

The core fees detailed below relate to the core bundle of services provided to you in relation to your Virgin Money Prepaid Travel Mastercard.

What does it cost?
Core fees
Card application fee£0
Monthly fee£0
Cash withdrawal in your card currency$2 or €1.50
Cash withdrawal not in your card currency3.5% plus $2 or €1.50
Fee for a transaction in your card currency£0
Fee for a transaction not in your card currency3.5%
Top-up - debit card£0
Top-up - credit card2.5%
Replacement card / additional card$7.50 or €5
Cancel card / redemption fee$10 or €7.50
Non-core Fees
PIN change at ATM£0
PIN reminder£0

When you apply for your Virgin Money Prepaid Travel Mastercard we verify your identity against the information you've given us, so we know it's you. If we are unable to verify who you are, we will let you know during the process that your application has been unsuccessful.

Getting started

You can Apply online for the card. Applying online is secure and easy.

You’ll need to choose either a Euro or US Dollar card. The minimum initial payment onto the card is $100 or €100 and this can be paid by debit or credit card. The minimum subsequent top-up is $50 or €50. The debit/credit card needs to be registered to the same address as your travel card.

You should get your card within two weeks of applying.

You should get your card within two weeks of applying. Occasionally we require further information from you - if this is the case, we'll be in touch.

We’ll tell you your PIN when you call to activate your card.

To activate your card call us on +44 (0) 207 118 2211 from abroad or 0207 118 2211 from the UK. Don't forget to sign the back of your card as soon as it arrives.

As well as sending you the main card you get a free card for use in emergencies. You only need to activate it if you lose your main card or it is stolen.

If you lose your main card, simply call us on +44 (0) 207 118 2211 and we'll block the card so it can't be used. Then we'll activate your emergency card, which you can begin using straightaway.

You should take your emergency card with you when you travel, just remember to keep it separate from your main card.

Loading money onto your card

You top up your card online by using a debit or credit card. Topping up by debit card is free. For topping up with a credit card there’s a transaction fee of 2.5% and your provider may charge a cash advance fee - please check with them for details.

When you top up your card, you can choose to key in the amount you want to top up by in Euros/US Dollars (depending on your card type) or you can key in the amount in Pounds Sterling and we will convert this into Euros/US Dollars.

Once you have your card you can top up online at by using a debit or credit card. The minimum top-up amount is $50/€50. The maximum top-up is $5,000/€5,000, and the maximum balance you can normally have on your card is $5,000/€5,000.

Please note we do not accept payments via Solo debit cards

Using your card

Anywhere that accepts Mastercard. This includes cash machines (ATMs)*.

There’s no fee for making a transaction in your card's currency. So you won't pay a fee when spending on your Euro card in a country which has the Euro as its currency. And you won't pay a fee for spending on your US Dollar card in any US state**.

You can use your card in other countries too (including the UK) but there will be a charge for converting the payment to the required currency. This charge also applies if you use the US Dollar card in the 'Eurozone' or the Euro card in the US.

Use contactless to pay for items of up to £30, quickly and securely without having to enter your PIN, simply hold your card over the card reader. Look out for shops displaying the ‘contactless’ symbol.

*ATM withdrawal fee in card currency is $2/€1.50.

**Sometimes you may be given the choice of paying in the local currency (Euros/ Dollars) or in £ Sterling. Always choose the local currency as that’s the currency on your card.

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus (excluding Northern Cyprus), Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy (excluding the Campione d'Italia region of northern Italy), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Yes, it's not generally a good idea to use the card at hotel and car rental check-ins. They can't always predict what your final bill will be, so when you check-in they may request pre-authorisation for a higher amount than you expected, which may leave you with less remaining balance to spend on your card than you thought. So it's often a better idea to use a credit or debit card for check-in. Then when you pay the final bill you can use your pre-paid card for that, to save on foreign commission charges. 

You can't use the card at self-service petrol pumps, but its fine to pay at the cashier inside the petrol station. You are also unable to use the card for pre-authorised regular payments or at any locations where the supplier is unable to obtain online authorisation, such as on ships, trains and in-flight purchases.

You will notice your new card has 'for electronic use only' written on the top right hand corner. This doesn't affect using it online, over the phone or at a cash machine (ATM). It simply means that when you are out shopping it can only be used in the normal electronic terminals you find in the UK and elsewhere (including paying for items of up to £30 using contactless).

The card can't be used in the older manual sliding style of card machines. And you may find you can't use it in a plane or a train as there may not be an electronic connection available.

Yes, you can withdraw up to $1000/€750 in any 24 hours, wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark. Though please be aware some cash machines may have lower limits than this.

There is a flat charge for cash machine withdrawals of $2/€1.50, providing you are withdrawing money in the currency on the card*. For transactions not in your card currency there is an additional foreign currency fee of 3.5%.

If you have a restricted card there is an annual limit of $1000/€1000 for ATM withdrawals.

*Please note, ATM operators may make supplementary charges.

As a Virgin Money customer you'll have exclusive access to lots of great deals.

See all the great discounts available to you*.

*Please note, each discount has its own terms and conditions, and your card transaction fee (for transactions in a currency other than your card currency) is applied after any discount. So the fee is based on the discounted amount, which means you pay less.

To set up online service, just visit My Virgin Money anytime and click the 'register' button on the Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard section

It's really easy to set up and only takes a few minutes - just answer a few security questions and you're away. Then you can check your balance, see statements, load funds and update your details.

We don't send out printed statements but if you would like a statement posted to you, just give us a call on +44 (0) 207 118 2211.

Don't forget though, you can check your statements and print them off for free anytime when you enrol for online service at 'My Virgin Money'.

Yes - up to 4 in fact.* They can come in handy for relatives on family holidays, or for family members travelling around Europe and the United States.

It costs $7.50/€5 for each additional card, and you can have a balance of up to $5,000/€5,000 across all your cards.*

You can order additional cards through online service once you have received your main card and created your online service account. Please note, additional cardholders must reside and be registered at the same address as the main cardholder.

Other card services

If your card gets lost or stolen, call us immediately on +44 (0) 207 118 2211 and we'll block it so it can't be used. Then we'll get your emergency replacement card up and running so you can use it straightaway.

If you wish to cancel your card, please call us on +44 (0)207 118 2211.

Your card can be terminated free of charge up to 14 calendar days after activation, thereafter the card can be terminated any time and a redemption fee of $10 or €7.50 may apply. All refunds are made by cheque only.

We'll send you a replacement card free of charge if you've used your card in the 8 weeks before it expires* unless you tell us otherwise - if you decide you don't want a replacement please call us on +44 (0) 207 118 2211.

You can redeem any outstanding balance on the card for up to 6 years following the expiry date. If a balance remains on your account for more than 6 years following your card expiry, it will not be refunded.

The card is valid for two years from the date it is issued. So if you are travelling in the US or Euro countries anytime soon, you can simply keep it and top it up before your next trip.

If you're not expecting to travel and want to use any remaining balance, you have two options:

  1. Spend or withdraw the money in the UK (or anywhere else that accepts Mastercard). There is a currency conversion fee of 3.5% for transactions not in your card currency. For cash withdrawals not in your card currency there is a charge of 3.5% plus €1.50/$2.
  2. Call us to request we close the account and refund the balance. There is an administration fee of $10/€7.50 for this service in certain circumstances. Please note, additional cards will still remain active even if the main cardholder cancels their card.

Please be aware that you have up to 6 years after expiry to claim the outstanding balance on your card. We will not return any funds remaining on the card after that time.

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This card is issued by PrePay Technologies Limited pursuant to a licence by Mastercard International. PrePay Technologies Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN: 900010) for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.