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About the card

It’s not a credit card, charge card or debit card, although you use it in exactly the same way to shop online, over the phone and in stores.

It's a prepaid card, which means you load money onto the card before you shop. When your funds are running low, you simply top up again.

You don't have to have a bank account to run a Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard. The card costs just £9.95 to buy and offers two tariffs, depending on how you use. Choose from 'Pay as you go' and 'Pay monthly'.

A Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard is ideal for shopping online, by phone or mail order if you don't have, can't get, or don't want a credit card.

It's also handy for travelling, as it's safer than carrying cash. And if you've got family members travelling or living abroad, it's easy to top them up from home to keep them going. Plus it's a great alternative to old-fashioned pocket-money. Please note that if you are issued with a restricted card, you can only use this within the UK and at UK based retailers.

You don't need a bank account to get one, and it's great for keeping a lid on temptation, as you can never spend more than you've got. It also has PIN protection and fraud protection like a credit card*, and is accepted wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

You can use contactless to pay for items of up to £30, quickly and securely without having to enter your PIN, simply hold your card over the card reader. Look out for shops displaying the ‘contactless’ symbol.

* Although it looks like a credit card, the Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard doesn't offer some of the additional card protection on purchases that credit cards offer.

Unlike credit cards, a Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard application isn't dependent on credit checks or earnings, so if you are a UK resident you can apply.

The core fees detailed below relate to the core bundle of services provided to you in relation to your Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard.

What does it cost?
CostsPay as you goPay monthly
Core Fees
Buying your card (one off fee)£9.95£9.95
Extra / replacement card (inc lost / stolen)£4.95£4.95
Monthly fee£0£4.75
Card transaction (UK)2.95%£0
Cash machine withdrawal (UK)2.95%£1.50
Card transaction (overseas)3.5%2.95%
Cash machine withdrawal (overseas)3.5%£1.50
Top-up at a Post Office®£0£0
Top-up by debit card£0£0
Top-up by direct bank transfer£0£0
Top-up by PayPoint 2.75%2.75%
Top-up by credit card2.5% (min £2)2.5% (min £2)
Redemption fee£5£5
Non-core Fees
PIN re-issue / change£0£0
Balance enquiry£0£0
Switching tariffs£0£0

When you apply for your Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard we verify your identity against the information you've given us, so we know it's you. In most cases, this will go through automatically and we'll get a card to you within two weeks.

Depending on the information you provide, we may issue you with a restricted or an unrestricted card.

Our restricted cards still come with all the same great Virgin benefits as the non-restricted cards but there are a number of key differences to be aware of:

Non-restricted CardRestricted Card
Card usageInternationalUK only*
Annual spend limitNo restriction£3,000
Maximum balance (at any one time)£3,500£1,000
Cash machine withdrawal limit£250 per day£1,000 per year
Single purchase limitNo restriction£600
Additional cardholders42

*Retailers such as Amazon, iTunes and PayPal are based overseas, which means our Restricted Card cannot be used to shop with them.

Restricted cards are only valid for 6 months, after this period the cardholder will be asked to upgrade to the non-restricted card by providing the required identification documents.

The Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard costs just £9.95 to buy, and offers two tariffs.

'Pay as you go' is suitable if you only use the card occasionally. Or if you think you will be using it a fair bit, then 'Pay monthly' might be best.

Here are two examples which could help you decide which tariff is right for you:

Example 1 - £50 on purchases and a £20 cash withdrawal

CostsPay as you goPay monthly
Monthly feeNONE£1.48
Transaction fee on £50 spend in the UK£1.48FREE
Fee on one £20 cash withdrawal in the UK59p£1.50
Total charges£2.07£6.25

Example 2 - £500 on purchases and a £200 cash withdrawal

CostsPay as you goPay monthly
Monthly feeNONE£4.75
Transaction fee on £500 spend in the UK£14.75FREE
Fee on one £200 cash withdrawal in the UK£5.90£1.50
Total charges£20.65£6.25

Please note, with the 'Pay Monthly' tariff each cash withdrawal has a flat £1.50 fee. This means it is better value to do a single withdrawal rather than several smaller ones that add up to the same amount.

Getting started

You can apply online for the Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard. Applying online is secure and easy.

You can pay for the card using either a debit or credit card.

If you want to pay in cash you'll need to head to the nearest shop with a PayPoint facility first to buy a 360 money voucher. Just look for this logo:

You should get your card within two weeks of applying.

Occasionally we require further information before we can send out a card. If this is the case, we will be in touch.

To activate your card, please call us on 0333 900 5005.

Don’t forget to sign the back of your card as soon as it arrives.

You will notice your card has 'for electronic use only' written on the top right hand corner. This doesn't affect using it online, over the phone or at a cash machine. It simply means that when you are out shopping it can only be used in the normal electronic terminals you find in the UK and elsewhere. Please note that restricted cards can only be used within the UK and at UK based retailers.

The card can't be used in the older manual sliding style of card machines, as it doesn't feature raised numbers. And you may find you can't use it in a plane or a train as there may not be an electronic connection available.

If we haven't been able to confirm your identity fully, we'll set your spending limit at a reduced amount (known as a 'restricted card'). It means your total spending limit is £3,000 a year (up to £1,000 can be withdrawn from cash machines in a year, your maximum balance at any one time is £1,000 and your single purchase limit is £600).

If you're happy with this limit, you don't need to do a thing.

If you'd like to increase your spending limit, we just need you to send us certain documents which confirm your identity.

Find out more about increasing your spending limit.

Loading money onto your card

Load your cardDays to clearCost
At any Post Office®1FREE
By debit card at*2FREE
By direct transfer from your bank account1FREE
By credit card at*22.5%
At any shop or garage where you see the PayPoint logo Usually immediate2.75%

*Debit or credit cards used to load money onto your Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard using our online service need to be registered with your bank for 'Mastercard Secure Code' or 'Verified by Visa'.

Please note, for security reasons, it’s not possible to load up a Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard online using a debit or credit card if we've had to issue you with a restricted card. This could be because we’ve been unable to carry out a full ID check to verify your identity. If you top-up a Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard with more than £600 directly from your bank account, we may ask for identification before we load up the card.

If we receive the funds on a business day, we will update your balance as soon as the funds are received on the same business day, or within two hours. If we receive the funds on a day that is not a business day, we will update your balance at the start of the next business day.

To top up by direct transfer from a bank account, you'll need the following details when setting this up either online or when visiting your bank in person:

Payee: Virgin Money Direct Deposit
Account number: 10055654
Sort code: 20-03-53
Payment reference: The 14 digit account number on the back (top left) of your card (you must include this).

One way of topping up your Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard with cash is to buy a 360 Money e-voucher from any PayPoint retailer - then to top up your card just log in to online service at My Virgin Money and type in your code.

To make things even easier, just print off this barcode and hand it over to the PayPoint retailer with your cash to get your e-voucher.

You can load money onto your card wherever you see the PayPoint logo.

You'll see it in in certain shops and garages near you. There are over 27,000 places around the UK with PayPoint. Just look for this logo:

Or to make things easier, find your nearest PayPoint agent link opens in a new window before you go out.

If you've got your card, hand it over along with the money you want to put on it. The shop assistant will put your details into the PayPoint machine and the funds are immediately loaded onto your card.

Using your card

It depends on how you choose to load up your card:

  • PayPoint top-ups are usually available to spend immediately on your card.
  • Post Office® top-ups take 1 business day.
  • Credit and debit cards take up to 2 business days.
  • Direct transfers from your bank account take up to 1 business days.

Spend on it just like you would a credit card and use it wherever you see the Mastercard logo. Use it to shop safely online, by phone and on the high street. Please note that restricted cards can only be used within the UK and at UK based retailers.

You can use contactless to pay for items of up to £30, quickly and securely without having to enter your PIN, simply hold your card over the card reader. Look out for shops displaying the ‘contactless’ symbol.

Yes, it's not generally a good idea to use the card at hotel and car rental check-ins. They can't always predict what your final bill will be, so when you check-in they may request pre-authorisation for a higher amount than you expected, which may leave you with less remaining balance to spend on your card than you thought. So it's often a better idea to use a credit or debit card for check-in. You are still able to pay the final bill with your prepaid card if you have sufficient funds.

Also you can't use the card at self-service petrol pumps, but it's fine to pay at the cashier inside the petrol station.

The Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard can also get you exclusive discounts at Virgin companies and beyond.

See all the great discounts available to you*.

*Please note, each discount has it's own terms and conditions and the 2.95% card transaction fee (Pay as you go tariff only) is applied after any discount. So the transaction fee is based on the discounted amount, meaning you pay less.


To set up online service, just visit My Virgin Money. From the drop-down list, choose the option that has the first 4 digits of your card number, then click on the 'Register' link that appears underneath.

It's really easy to set up and only takes a few minutes - just answer a few security questions and you're away. Then you can check your balance, see statements, load funds and update your details.

We don't send out monthly printed statements but if you would like a statement posted to you, just give us a call on 0333 900 5005.

Don’t forget, you can check your statements and print them off anytime online, when you register for online service. Just click on ‘My Virgin Money’ at the top right of the screen or visit My Virgin Money.

The first payment will be debited from your card when you make your first top-up. Your monthly payments will then be taken on that date each month. (Though if you top up after the 28th of the month, your payment date will be the first of the month.)

If there isn’t enough money on your card to pay the monthly fee, you won’t be able to use your card until you top-up again. When you next top up, the full £4.75 will be debited and you will then be billed each month on this date instead.

Please note, if we are unable to collect your monthly fee we reserve the right to move you onto the 'Pay as you go' tariff.

Yes* - up to 4 in fact. Maybe you want each member of your family to have a card for emergencies, or you'd like to budget across separate cards.

It costs £4.95 for each additional card and you can have up to £4,500 across all your cards, with a maximum of £3,500 on any one card*.

You can order additional cards through online service once you have received your main card and created your online service account.

*Subject to ID verification of main cardholder. All about restricted cards and why you might get one.

Other card services

Yes, you can switch tariffs for free. So if you end up using the card more than you thought you would or a bit less, just switch.

You can switch from 'Pay as you go' to the 'Pay monthly' tariff once your card is set up, and then once every four months if you wish. If you've selected 'Pay monthly' you can't switch immediately after your card is set up, but you can switch after four months.

Switching tariff is quick and easy. Just visit My Virgin Money and register/log in to the Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard online service. Choose the 'Switch tariff' option then follow the on-screen instructions.

You can use your Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard at millions of places worldwide.

Use contactless to pay for items of up to £30, quickly and securely without having to enter your PIN, simply hold your card over the card reader. Look out for shops displaying the ‘contactless’ symbol.

The charges for overseas transactions and cash withdrawals are:

Card usePay as you goPay monthly
Overseas card transaction3.5%2.95%
Overseas cash withdrawal3.5%£1.50

Please note that restricted cards can only be used within the UK or at UK based retailers.

If you have a family member living or travelling abroad and you want to share money with them regularly, all you need is an additional card on your account.

This will cost you £4.95. When their card arrives, your relative should phone to activate the card and get their PIN. If they’re already abroad, you’ll need to forward the additional card overseas first.

Then you’re all set – to share money you simply load it onto your card in this country and the additional cardholder will have access to those funds wherever in the world they may be.

Please note that this service is not available if you are issued with a restricted card, these can only be used within the UK and at UK based retailers.

If your card gets lost or stolen, call us anytime on 0333 900 5005 and we’ll block it so it can’t be used. Then we’ll transfer the funds onto a replacement card and get that sent out to you within two weeks. A charge of £4.95 will then be debited from your balance for the replacement card.

If you wish you can cancel your card up to 14 days after activating your card.

To cancel your card write to customer services at:
Virgin Money Prepaid Card
PO Box 3883

If you cancel then we will issue a refund of the purchase fee and any outstanding balance.

Please note: a Virgin Money Prepaid Mastercard costs £9.95 to buy and both tariffs are subject to fees and conditions.

This card is issued by PrePay Technologies Limited pursuant to a licence by Mastercard International. PrePay Technologies Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN: 900010) for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.