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Welcome to Virgin Money


We're not like other banks. Discover what makes us different

There’s money and there’s Virgin Money

We’re building a better kind of bank by doing what banks should do:

  • Treating you as a person, not a number
  • Creating no-nonsense products we're proud of
  • Keeping things simple

  • Always looking for ways to make you better off
  • Delivering service that's about smiles not sales
  • Helping make a difference beyond banking

Read on to discover more about each

No-nonsense products we're proud of

When it comes to banking, you want an honest deal with no surprises. So we'll always tell you the things you really need to know up front.

We won't give you products that look great at first then turn out to have a sting in the tail. And if that means we carry on picking up awards, even better.

A belief in keeping things simple

We think the world of money can be a complex place, and we never want you to have a product you feel you don't fully understand.

Take our Three Minute Money films, each explaining a complicated bit of banking in less time than it takes to boil an egg. And that's our attitude to everything – the simpler, the better.

Always aiming to make you better off

As you'd expect, being part of the Virgin family has its fair share of perks. From exclusive access to our customer Lounges, to special offers, discounts and prizes through 'My Virgin Money', it's all part of making banking better.

Service that's about smiles not sales

We may be a bank, but we’re not a bunch of bankers. We're people like you. Our staff aren't incentivised on sales – just providing the best service they can. So you can relax and enjoy your banking, without the hard sell.