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Signing up

This section tells you how to get a Virgin Money Cashback account and how to manage it.

To set up a Virgin Money Cashback account and earn cashback you’ll need an eligible Virgin Money or Virgin Atlantic Credit Card, or an eligible Virgin Money current account.

Virgin Money Cashback is a customer cashback programme. This means if you have one or more products with us you’ll be able to earn cashback on each eligible product. If you have multiple eligible products, we will look to combine your Virgin Money cashback accounts to make it easier for you to view and manage your cashback as one total.

You can get Virgin Money Cashback once you sign-up to the programme in your Virgin Money apps. If you have a credit card and current account with us, you’ll have to sign up to Virgin Money Cashback on both the Virgin Money Mobile Banking and Virgin Money Credit Card apps to receive cashback on your credit and debit card spending. We don’t want you to miss out, so get in touch if you’re not able to use our apps.

Don’t worry, any credit card credit agreement, current account or digital banking terms you have with Virgin Money will stay exactly the same.

Accounts with more than one cardholder

With a credit card, any additional cardholders won’t be able to directly benefit from Virgin Money Cashback, but you’ll still earn cashback when they use their card.

With a joint current account, both of you can sign up to Virgin Money Cashback in the Virgin Money Mobile Banking app. You can each earn cashback on your spending with your own cashback account.

Just to let you know, some current account cashback is related to the account rather than any account holder. Only one account holder will receive cashback on offers like Direct Debits, or bank account switches made through the Current Account Switch Service. To see who this account holder is, visit your cashback account profile in your app. You can change who receives account level cashback once every 30 days.

Personalised offers

We tailor our offers based on what we know about you – like where you use your card, how much you spend on your card, your Direct Debits, where you live, the products you hold with us, and when your birthday is.

We’ll do the same for any credit card additional cardholders too - you might see offers that look more like they’re up their street than yours.

Some offers may be subject to age restrictions, for example those related to alcohol.

Earning Cashback

Just so you know, you’ll only earn cashback on transactions where there’s an offer. You can check out all your offers in your apps. They’ll show you how much is up for grabs, how long it lasts and if there are any rules (like not earning cashback on delivery fees). Sometimes the rules might say something different to what’s in these terms. If that happens, the rules will apply. The offers can change quite quickly but you’ll earn cashback at the rate the offer said on the day you made the purchase.

Shop as normal using your Virgin Money debit card, Virgin Money Credit Card, or Virgin Atlantic Credit Card to pay, then you’ll see your cashback appear in your app in a few days. Once it’s there, it’ll show as pending for up to 35 days (unless the offer rules say something else).

We’ll round cashback to the nearest penny.

When you won't receive cashback

If you get a refund, you won’t receive any cashback that’s still pending.

You won’t receive cashback if we can’t link the purchase to your card automatically. This can happen if you use another company to help make the payment – like when you add your card to their account and then pay using their account or app.

Redeeming your cashback

Once cashback appears in the available balance in your app you can get it.

You can then withdraw your cashback through your app by:

  1. Sending it to the Virgin Money current account of your choice or a UK bank account in your name if you don’t have one signed up to Virgin Money Cashback. Just make sure the bank account details are right or you might not be able to get the money back. The cashback should hit your bank account within three to five working days.
  2. Sending it to your linked Virgin Money or Virgin Atlantic Credit Card account if you have one signed up to Virgin Money Cashback. The cashback will show in one working day. This won’t count towards your minimum payment – so make sure you pay that like normal – but it’ll reduce the amount you owe overall.
  3. Swapping your cashback for an e-Gift voucher with selected merchants. Some merchants might offer a trade up value for your cashback. This information will be displayed in the app. The value of merchant and e-Gift vouchers may change over time.

You can claim the whole amount or just part of your available cashback balance. If it looks like something dodgy is happening, we might have to hold the money while we check things out.

Making changes

We might need to change these terms to:

  • Make changes to the services we offer through Virgin Money Cashback (including adding or removing features or changing the kind of rewards available to earn through Virgin Money Cashback)
  • Reflect changes in law, regulation or best practice
  • Keep up with new technology and other innovations
  • Make these terms clearer to you and to correct errors

We’ll make sure any changes are fair.

If the change is good for you, we’ll make it straight away and let you know about it afterwards either by email or in your app. If it’s not, we’ll give you at least 35 days’ notice by email or a message in your app. If you’re not happy, you’re free to close your Virgin Money Cashback account. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll go ahead and make the change.

We can transfer all of our rights and obligations under these terms to another company. You can’t do the same though. If we do this and there are no changes to how these terms or your account work, we can do it without telling you in advance. But if there are any changes, we’ll let you know 35 days beforehand.

Staying in touch

We’ll use your contact details or send push notifications through the app.

You’ll get two types of messages from us:

  1. Emails, letters, text messages or push notifications (not all at once!) to tell you what’s happening on your Virgin Money Cashback account – like when it’s been paid.
  2. If you’ve opted in, we’ll send messages about the offers available on Virgin Money Cashback. We will use your most recent marketing preferences that you have set. You can change these by letting us know in your app.

Just so you know, each of our apps allows you to select your preferences for marketing – if you happen to choose different preferences in each app, we’ll always use your most recent preferences

If you're not happy

If your cashback doesn’t appear in the way you’re expecting, get in touch. You can do this through our missing transaction form on the app. We’re always happy to help and we’ll make sure you get the money if it’s due.

Please be aware - we can’t investigate missing cashback on transactions that are more than three months’ old. So, if your cashback doesn’t appear as you expected, let us know as quickly as possible.

If you want to take us to court, what you need to do depends on where you live:

If you live...You’ll have to sue us (and we’ll have to sue you) in these courts, unless you’ve got a good reason to go elsewhere…The decision will always be made using the law of…
In ScotlandScotlandScotland
In Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandNorthern Ireland
Anywhere else…EnglandEngland

There are a few other things you need to know

We like to call ourselves Virgin Money. But our official name is Clydesdale Bank PLC. We’re registered in Scotland at 177 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7ER. Our company number is SC001111. If you need to make a complaint, you can call us on the numbers below:-

Virgin Money Credit Cards0800 011 3210
Virgin Atlantic Credit Cards0800 085 3210
Virgin Money current accounts0800 121 7365

We’re a bank, not a cashback company, so we’ve asked Reward to help provide Virgin Money Cashback. Reward is the trading name of Sports Loyalty Card Limited; a limited company registered in England and Wales (Company Number 04158111) with its registered office at 71 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4BE.

Any cashback that you earn will be held on your behalf in a bank account that holds all of the cashback that Virgin Money Cashback customers earn until you redeem it.

Please be aware - Cashback held in your Virgin Money Cashback account won’t earn any interest and won’t be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

We’ll never shirk our legal responsibilities to you. But sometimes we might not be able to stick to everything we promise in these terms. If that happens, we’re not responsible for any loss when:

  • We have to do certain things by law. For example, it might take us longer to pay money to you because we’re having to double check there’s nothing suspicious happening.
  • Something unusual or unexpected happens that we can’t control or avoid. Like power failures, extreme weather – that kind of thing.

If you don’t stick to these terms, we won’t always do something about it. But just because we don’t do anything once it doesn’t mean we won’t or can’t the next time.

Accessing Virgin Money Cashback

Virgin Money Cashback is found in the Virgin Money Credit Card app and Virgin Money Mobile Banking app. Sometimes, we’ll need to carry out planned work on the apps or Virgin Money Cashback. And sometimes, there’ll be a problem and we’ll have to switch them off without warning. There are more details on this in your digital banking terms.

If you’re blocked from accessing your app or you uninstall it, you won’t be able to view your offers or withdraw the cashback you’ve earned.

We might also suspend your Virgin Money Cashback account if you break any of these terms, the digital banking terms, your current account terms, or credit card credit agreement – like missing a payment or acting fraudulently. If this happens, you won’t be able to earn cashback or withdraw it.

Saying goodbye to Virgin Money Cashback

These terms apply until your Virgin Money Cashback account or accounts are closed.

Your Virgin Money Cashback account can be closed while your credit card and/or current account stays open:

  • You can close your Virgin Money Cashback account whenever you like

  • Just let us know. You should withdraw any cashback before you close your Virgin Money Cashback account because you won’t have access to Virgin Money Cashback once you close it. You also have the option to ‘cancel’ your Virgin Money Cashback account in the first two weeks of opening it just by getting in touch.
  • If you have signed up for Virgin Money Cashback on both your current account and credit card, you will need to deregister from both to completely close your cashback account.
  • We can close your Virgin Money Cashback account whenever we like

  • As long as we write to you or email you to let you know two months before we do it.
  • You can only have Virgin Money Cashback if you have one of our credit cards or current accounts. If all the products you have signed up to Virgin Money Cashback are closed by you or by us, we’ll close your Virgin Money Cashback account at the same time and you will lose access to any cashback you haven’t claimed. Make sure you claim your cashback before you close. If you forget, you’ll have 90 days from closure to contact us and withdraw any leftover cashback.