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Earning cashback

The cashback should hit your Virgin Money account within three to five working days.

The cashback you've earned will be shown in the Virgin Money Cashback pages of our app. This includes cashback on its way, and available cashback.

Once you have registered for Virgin Money Cashback you can check what offers are available within the app and any transactions with these merchants will automatically earn you cashback. You will earn a percentage of your transactions as cashback which you can see within the app. For all current offers and redemption options, log into the app for more details.

You won’t receive cashback if we can’t link the purchase to your card automatically. This can happen if you use another company to help make the payment – like when you add your card to their account and then pay using their account. Or if you connect your card to another provider and then spend using the card they give you. In order to make sure you receive cashback, it's best to use your Virgin Money debit card directly or to pay using your card in Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you have any missing cashback, from the cashback section of the app, please use the 'Report missing transaction' button from within the statement section and submit the details required. We'll look into it and get back to you within 10 working days.

Log into the app to check what Direct Debit offers are available to you. Please read the terms for any Direct Debit offers, as they can differ depending on merchant or promotional offer.

Just remember, Direct Debit cashback is related to the account rather than any account holder. Only one account holder will receive cashback on Direct Debit offers. To see who this account holder is, visit your cashback account profile in your app. You can change who receives account level cashback once every 30 days.

Some offers require you to spend a certain amount, so if the refund means you’ve spent less than that, you won’t usually earn any cashback.

Cashback offers

To get the most from Virgin Money Cashback it’s best to stay up to date on current offers and promotions. The easiest way is to sign up and receive our latest promotions and offers via email or check within the app. You will receive the latest tailored offers that are available to you and can start earning cashback at selected merchants.

Offers usually last for a limited time. Each offer will come with its own terms and conditions which will set out any rules about how much cashback you’ll earn and what you need to do. For example, the purchase might need to be online.

Unfortunately not. But check back soon as they're updated regularly. Your offers are based on how you spend and what we know about you - your age and where you live, for example.

Cashback can only be earned during the offer dates. Please keep an eye on the expiry dates - they're shown in the app.

Cashback withdrawals

If you're ready to cash in, you can do this in our app. You can transfer cashback directly to your Virgin Money Current account or trade up for an e-Gift voucher with selected merchants.

No, you can claim the whole amount or just part of your cleared cashback balance.

Your cashback account

Once you sign up for Virgin Money Cashback, all your current accounts will be automatically registered so you can start earning cashback across all your current accounts straight away.

Virgin Money Cashback can only be paid into your Virgin Money account.

Absolutely, any transactions with merchants that have live offers will redeem cashback into the registered owner's Virgin Money Cashback account.

Virgin Money Cashback is only available through our mobile app - the quick and easy way to manage your current account. Download the app on any iOS & Android device, including tablets.

Don't worry, you'll still earn cashback on purchases with valid offers. If we need to do any unplanned work, we’ll do our best to fix it ASAP.

You can get a copy of the terms within the app by clicking on the More section, then Virgin Money Cashback followed by Terms.

You can change the named nominee of your joint account within the app under your cashback profile. Change of nominee can only happen once every 30 days.

We’ll be sorry if you want to close your Virgin Money Cashback account. You can close your account clicking on the More section of the app, then Virgin Money Cashback followed by 'close my Cashback account'.

Before you close your account, please check for any cashback owed and redeem this into your Virgin Money current account or swap for an e-Gift voucher before closing.

We're sorry if you're not happy. Call us on 0800 121 7365 and we'll do our best to put it right.

Start earning Cashback

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