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Looking for work?

There are many organisations that can help you to be in the best possible position when looking for a new job.

So whether you want to find out about learning or training opportunities, need advice on updating your CV or simply need information on where to look for a new job, there's information available to help you.

You may find the links below useful:

Top tips

  • Regularly review your CV so that it is up-to-date and captures all relevant skills and experience. Remember, this is your chance to show potential employers that you are right for the job.
  • Practice interviews with people you trust and feel comfortable taking advice from.
  • You only get one chance to make a first impression, remember the 4 P’s are key to any first interview:
    • Presentation (dress appropriately, be confident).
    • Preparation (know your employer, their business, expectations of the role and how you will fulfil them).
    • Personality (be yourself).
    • Punctuality (be on time).

Worried about redundancy?

If you are concerned about your job, or think that you may be made redundant, it is understandable that you may be worried about the future. The steps below can help you to take control of the situation.

Understand your rights

If an employer wants to make staff redundant, there are certain procedures that they must follow. It is important that you fully understand these to ensure that you are treated fairly. You can find out more information about the procedures and your rights from GOV.UK Link opens in a new window.

Have you used our simple budget planner? Now is probably the best time to revisit your finances so that you can prioritise your current outgoings should you lose your job. You may find that you currently have unnecessary outgoings that you could cut back on should your income be reduced.

Check if you have any payment protection insurance for any of your loans (e.g your mortgage) as they may cover your loan repayments for up to 12 months due to your redundancy.

It is important that you find out what state benefits you may be eligible for should you become unemployed. To find out more, please view the Benefits and Entitlements information below.

Benefits and entitlements

You may be entitled to benefits and tax-credits. Millions of pounds worth of benefits are unclaimed every year, make sure you are receiving what you are entitled to. Benefits can be claimed for a number of different reasons for example:

  • sickness or disability
  • unemployment
  • caring for someone
  • those aged 60 or over
  • the bereaved
  • pregnant women or woman who have recently had a baby
  • families with dependent children.

A quick and easy way to find out what you can claim can be found at Link opens in a new window

Don’t risk losing your home – keep up those mortgage repayments