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Current Virgin Money variable interest rates

All rates effective from 1st May 2020 for existing customers

Standard Variable Rate4.34%
Buy-to-Let Variable Rate4.54%

Current Virgin Money loyalty rates

All rates effective from 1st May 2020 for existing customers

Loyalty Rate4.09%

If you have a residential mortgage, you will qualify for our Loyalty Rate – a discount of at least 0.25% on our Standard Variable Rate (SVR) – after you have had a mortgage with us on the same property for seven years. This is provided you do not currently benefit from another special rate and are not currently within an Early Repayment Charge period. Please note, Buy-to-Let mortgage customers are not eligible for our Loyalty Rate.

Will I need to change my Direct Debit or Standing Order?

Mortgage customers who pay by Direct Debit do not need to do anything. Mortgage customers who do not pay by Direct Debit will need to make arrangements to change their monthly payment, if appropriate.

If you pay by standing order you will need to contact your bank to change your payment, giving them at least four business days’ notice before the payment is due.

I have a payment arrangement in place - how will this be affected?

Your payment arrangement will continue until the agreed end date unless your monthly contractual payment is higher than your payment arrangement. In these circumstances we will automatically cancel your existing payment arrangement.

If you would like us to change or cancel your payment arrangement, please let us know.