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Personal Loan payment holiday

What to do when your payment holiday is due to end

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This service is available to existing Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank customers who have taken a payment holiday as a result of coronavirus.

What do I need to do?

Before your payment holiday ends, please complete our online form. We will use the information you provide to make sure we're giving you enough support to manage your account.

Even if you can afford to resume making your monthly payments, it's still important that you tell us, as this means we won't attempt to follow up with you again later.

Our Contact Centres are extremely busy at the moment, so providing this information online is the fastest way for us to help you if you do need further support.

Things to remember

  • We won't update your account with the contact details you provide in this form. We'll only use them to help find your account and to get in touch if we can't contact you using the information we already have.
  • We will always treat your data with respect - you can find our more details in our Privacy Policy.

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