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Types of cover

We offer two types of Life Insurance – Level Term and Decreasing Term cover. You can also choose to add Additional Critical Illness Cover on your policy where the sum assured is a fixed amount which won’t decrease over time.

Level Term

As the name suggests, Level Term cover provides a level amount of protection over the term of the policy.

Typically used to pay off an outstanding interest only mortgage or provide a fixed amount of money which won’t decrease over time.

Decreasing Term

Decreasing Term could provide you with the cover amount you need right now, then gradually decreases as the policy ages.

Typically used to pay off a repayment mortgage, or provide an amount of money which decreases over time.


Cover amount over time

The monthly premiums for both policies are fixed at the start of the policy depending on the amount, type and length of cover you choose. The monthly premium on Decreasing Term will be comparatively cheaper than Level Term, as it offers less protection as the cover reduces across the term of the policy.

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