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Before you do anything

If you’re submitting a claim where your trip or part of your trip has been cancelled by your airline or travel company, please contact your airline, travel company or credit card provider for a refund first.

That’s because travel insurance only covers costs that you’re unable to get refunded. Plus you’ll likely be responsible for an excess if you claim through your travel insurance. We’ll ask for evidence that you have contacted your airline, travel company or card provider when you send us your claim – so please don’t submit your claim without it.

If you’ve already contacted your airline, travel company or credit card provider and you’re waiting to hear back from them – please be patient. We won’t be able to review your claim until you’ve got a final answer from them.

If you’re submitting a claim where you need to cancel or cut short your trip due to illness or accident, then we’ll need to see evidence from a medical professional detailing the circumstances that prevented you from travelling.

Submitting all the required supporting evidence with your claim form will help us to process your claim more quickly and avoid delays. Please refer to the ‘how to send us your claim’ section below for what to do next.

How to send us your claim

Registering a new claim

Travel Claims Services no longer manages new claims on behalf of MAPFRE Asistencia.

Charles Taylor is the claims administrator appointed by MAPFRE Asistencia to manage new claims on its behalf.

To register a new claim, please call 0330 400 1265 and select the option to make a new claim. Their contact centre will guide you through the process.

Existing claims with Travel Claims Services

If you have an existing claim for which you have been given a claim number by Travel Claims Services, don’t worry, you can still contact us on 0330 400 1265.

Please have your claim number to hand to enable us to locate your claim more quickly.