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Payments and bank transfers

We'll show you how to transfer money and make payments online, with your own device. We can also call a colleague to do this for you over the phone.

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Learn more about Business Internet Banking

Card queries and fraud

We can handle most card and fraud queries there and then in the hub.

  • Report a card lost, stolen or damaged
  • Order a replacement card
  • Order or reset a PIN
  • Report suspected fraud

Just remember

If your card is missing, or you suspect fraud, don't wait. Contact us now

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What to do if my business debit card is lost or stolen

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Digital banking help

Trouble using the app, online or telephone banking? We'll show you how to get going or call a specialist for extra help.

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Learn more about Business Internet Banking

Managing your accounts

We can show you how to add or change who can access your accounts or call a colleague to help. Visit us in a hub for help with:

  • Providing proof of identity
  • Third party access

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Upload proof of identity online

Apply for another debit card on your business account

Your support

If you’re experiencing something that affects how you bank with us, we want to help. It could be long-term or permanent, like a physical disability. Or short-term, like money worries.

Visit a hub to chat to us in person. You can also let us know on a call or online.

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Accessibility support

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