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Don’t risk losing your home – keep up those mortgage repayments

What we'll check

To be ready for a Virgin Money mortgage you should

Just remember, our eligibility check gives you an idea of how much we could lend you. It doesn’t guarantee a mortgage application will be approved.

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Take five minutes and see how much we may lend you, without affecting your credit score.

Want to know more?

Using the personal and financial information you provide us, we can tell you whether your application for a mortgage is likely to be successful. To get an indicative result we run the following automatically:

  • A soft credit check
  • A calculation of what you can afford based on your income and expenditure

A soft credit check is a background check on your credit report. It helps us give an indicative decision about your eligibility for a mortgage. No other company can see that we have run a check on you and it has no impact on what you can borrow in future.

The personal information you provide us will be shared with Experian Credit Services for the sole purpose of running the soft credit check. To help improve our service and answer questions you may have, we will also retain your personal information for a period of 3 months, even if you do not submit a mortgage application.

Full details of how we use your personal information are contained in our Privacy Policy. If you decide to use the eligibility checker you agree to Virgin Money using your personal information as described above.