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Are you getting value for money when buying your travel insurance?

Get the right cover for you, not just the highest level, to avoid overspending and cut the cost of travel insurance!
  • Purchase your insurance as soon as you book your holiday to make sure you are covered in case the unexpected happens, as your cancellation cover begins on the date you purchase your policy.

    How much have you paid for your holiday? How much are your personal belongings and baggage worth? How much are your gadgets worth? How much money are you taking?

    Check all the available levels of cover and chose the one most suitable for your needs; for example, you may not need the highest level of cover if your holiday was under £7,500. Remember, all of the cover amounts stated on our policies are per person.
  • With Covid 19 becoming part of everyday life check if your policy has Covid-19 cover included? What is covered as standard and what do you need to pay extra for? Check the cover at the point of purchase to make sure you are not caught out.
  • Are you a frequent traveller? You may benefit from taking out an Annual Multi-Trip policy, take some time to do some price comparisons.
  • Don’t forget about the little things that could leave you out of pocket such as theme park and attraction tickets that you pre-book. Make sure you purchase a policy that covers these costs if anything was to happen.
  • How much excess do you think is affordable in the event of a claim? The excess is the amount you are liable for in the event of a claim before any amount is paid out by your insurer. An excess waiver is an optional add-on for an additional cost, but you wouldn’t need to worry about paying an excess if a claim was to arise.
  • Think about what you trip entails:

    What activities you will be partaking in? What personal items are you taking with you? How long are you travelling for?

    Don’t let the details catch you out. You may need to purchase additional cover for winter sports and other sporting activities. Consider what other add-ons you might need – like Cruise Cover, if you’re going on a cruise, or Enhanced Gadget Cover if you need extra protection for your gadgets. Always check the maximum trip durations to ensure you are not left abroad without the cover you need.
  • Who’s travelling? It may be more cost-effective to purchase a combined policy if one or more of you are travelling together.
Insurance can feel like a minefield, but it doesn’t need to be, there is plenty of help and resources to help you find the most suitable products for you:

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