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Before you start

It's easy for existing Term Deposit customers to re-invest or have their funds repaid - just fill in your details, choosing the options that suit your needs and we will do the rest. Please be aware that once your Term Deposit has been opened, your account cannot be closed before the end of the fixed term and no withdrawals can be made outside the 14 day cancellation period following re-investment. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Link opens in a new window for more information.

You can use this online service if you meet the following criteria:

If you do not meet the criteria outlined above, please call 0800 012 1111 (private customers please contact your relationship manager).

Please note that you can advise us of your decision between 5 and 35 days before your Term Deposit maturity date. We must receive your instructions at least 5 business days before this date or your original investment and interest will be re-invested in another Term Deposit for the same length of time at the rate of interest detailed in your maturity letter. Your request for re-investment and/or repayment will be carried out on the actual maturity date.

For joint account holders only

Please note that the account holder completing this online application is providing instructions on behalf of both parties to the account to repay and/or re-invest your funds. Please ensure that both account holders agree to the terms contained in this application process, if you choose to re-invest in another Term Deposit.


I/We confirm that I/we meet the criteria detailed above, I/we wish to use the online service to provide instructions to re-invest and/or repay my/our funds, I/we have read the Declaration and if I/we hold an account jointly, that I am providing instructions on behalf of both account holders.

For maturities occurring on or after 1 January 2016, I/we acknowledge receipt of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) information sheet Link opens in a new window

Please note: From the 30th January 2017 the deposit protection limit is £85,000. Please see the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) information sheet Link opens in a new window for details on the protection of your eligible deposits.

Use of personal information

The information you provide will be used to assess your application, and to set up and manage your account. Where you've given us information about any other people as part of an application for a joint account, you also confirm that each person has authorised you to do so as part of the application.

A full description of how and for what purposes your information may be processed can be viewed in our Privacy Policy Link opens in a new window.

We will share your information with Credit Reference Agencies to help determine what credit products and services we can provide you. These agencies will use the information for assessing credit applications, debt tracing and prevention of money laundering. In the case of joint applications, you confirm all applicants understand that at an association linking their financial records together will be created by these agencies.

If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering. Further details explaining how the information is held by fraud prevention agencies can be found in our Use of Personal Information statement within our Fair Processing Notice

We will always treat your data with respect - you can find out more details in our Privacy Policy Link opens in a new window.