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Lock in a new deal up to 6 months early

And if a better deal comes along in that period, you'll be able to switch over without any hassle.

If your current mortgage deal has ended and if you're on our Standard Variable Rate (SVR) Our SVR is the interest rate your mortgage moves to once your initial deal period has ended., you can pick out a new deal at any time. This may be the best option to help manage your monthly payments.

Choosing a new mortgage deal that does not include any additional borrowing will not affect your credit score Your credit score can be affected if you choose a new mortgage which involves additional borrowing, or by other factors including how much credit you use, your payment history and applications for credit elsewhere..

Is this option right for you?

Before you can choose a new mortgage deal online, you'll need to confirm:

  • You're not going to make any changes to your loan such as the amount, term or repayment type.
  • You're not going to make an overpayment or take a payment holiday before switching to a new deal.
  • Your income is paid in pound sterling and not other currencies such as euros.

Want to make any changes, make overpayments or take a payment holiday? Give us a call once you've chosen your new deal.

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