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Before you start

Use this form if you're experiencing something that affects how you bank with us, for example:

  • a health condition
  • bereavement
  • a change in income

This form is only for new support requests. If you would like to update or remove an existing support request, please use an alternative contact method.

You must be an account holder to complete this form.

We'll ask for:

  • your personal info and contact details
  • your account type
  • you to share what support you need

Support covers things like in-Store preferences, communication preferences and financial assistance. You can request as many different types of support as you like.

This form can only record one personal circumstance at a time. If you want to share more than one, you can submit this form multiple times or you can let us know another way. You can also choose to request support without sharing your personal circumstances.

How we handle your data

We'll use what you share to communicate with you in the best way and provide support wherever we can.

We'll use anonymous data to understand and improve this service.

We’ll always treat your data with respect. Find out more in our privacy policy Link opens in a new window (Link opens in a new tab).