Ongoing charges figure

The annual ongoing charge of 1%* of the value of your investment includes the costs of running the fund.

If your fund is valued at £1,000 throughout the year, this means we deduct £10 that year. If your fund is valued at £10,000 throughout the year, we deduct £100 that year, and so on.

Instead of being taken on a single day each year, it is spread over the year and deducted and 1/365th of the charge is deducted each day from the unit price.

*The annual ongoing charge on our Climate Change Fund is higher (currently 1.3%) due to the higher costs of running this fund.

Fees and charges other providers may apply

At Virgin Money we like to keep things simple. You only pay an annual ongoing charge. You won't have to pay any other fees.

Here are examples of the types of charges that you may have to pay with other providers. We don't apply any of these.

-Initial or set up charges-Switching between funds
-Exit charge-Auto Dividend Reinvestment
-Transfer out charge-Fee for paper statements
-Separate Admin or Service fee-Inactivity fee