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Say hello to Virgin Red

Virgin Red is the rewards club from Virgin, where you can unlock rewards across the Virgin family and your favourite brands.

You'll earn 8,000 Virgin Points to spend on dining out, extraordinary experiences and more, when you add at least £5,000 to your Stocks and Shares ISA or Unit Trust. Terms apply.

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Check out this video to find out how to join Virgin Red, spend points and more.

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8,000 points, loads of rewards

Reap the rewards

To earn 8,000 Virgin Points, just follow these steps:

  1. Pay in at least £5,000 to your Stocks and Shares ISA or Unit Trust and keep it there until 30 June 2023. This can be a one-off payment, or regular monthly payments – it’s your call. You can also transfer from an existing ISA you hold elsewhere by 30 September 2023. Terms apply.
  2. Make sure we have your email address – we’ll need it to send your promo code. The email with your promo code will be sent by 30 July 2023 (30 October 2023 if you’re transferring an ISA).

It's that simple!

Terms apply

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Got a question?

We've got the answer.

Once you meet the qualifying criteria, we'll email your Virgin Red promo code by 30 July 2023. Please make sure you’ve given us your email address. If you’re transferring an ISA to us, we’ll email you after the transfer is complete.

If you're not already a Virgin Red member, you'll need to sign up and download the Virgin Red app. Once in the app, tap Account then Promo codes to enter your unique code (you'll get this by email). 8,000 Virgin Points will then be added to your account. Happy spending!

Yes. It's quick and easy to sign-up and the best bit is, it's totally free. You need to be a Virgin Red member to use Virgin Points, so you'll need to sign-up to Virgin Red before you can start spending them.

The great news is that Virgin Points don't expire. However, your Virgin Red promo code will expire on 31 December 2023. Make sure you redeem your Virgin Red promo code before it expires.

If you use our Online Service, you can update your email address at any time.

You can also write your email address on your top-up or transfer form, or give it to us when you top-up over the phone.


Stocks and Shares ISA / Unit Trust top-up offer.

Customers who opened their Virgin Money Stocks and Shares ISA or Unit Trust before 1 January 2023.

Top up by £5,000 or more into your existing Virgin Money Stocks and Shares ISA or Unit Trust between 1 May 2023 and 30 June 2023. You need to keep that top up invested until at least 30 June 2023.

Your investment can be made by any or a combination of:

  • One off payments by Direct Debit, debit card or cheque.
  • Monthly payments, by Direct Debit.
  • Transferring from another provider

If you transfer in an existing cash or stocks and shares ISA we need to receive your transfer application before 30 June 2023, and the transfer value by 30 September 2023; you will then qualify for this offer.

You must provide or already have saved an email address to your account to allow the reward points to be issued to you.

Offer limited to one Stocks and Shares ISA and one Unit Trust per customer and each account, separately, must meet the offer criteria (if they both do then you'll get double the reward - happy days!).

Virgin Red is a rewards club that turns your everyday spending into Virgin Points.

If you meet the offer conditions, we will e-mail you a Virgin Red promo code to get 8,000 Virgin Points on us. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to join Virgin Red to get the points. It’s quick and easy to sign-up and the best bit, it’s totally free.

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The email with your promo code will be sent within 30 days of you meeting the offer qualifying terms. It will be sent to the email address we hold for you. The email will provide instructions on how to sign-up (if you aren’t already a Virgin Red member) and redeem the promo code within the Virgin Red app or website.

You have until 31 December 2023 to redeem your promo code and claim your points - so make sure you do it before then or miss out.

After you’ve redeemed your Virgin Red promo code, the points are added to your Virgin Red account. There is no specific expiry date for using the points. Virgin Points can be spent on a wide range of exciting rewards ranging from Everyday Treats to Extraordinary Experiences and everything in between. Log in to the Virgin Red app or look at the Virgin Red website and discover all the different options.

You can spend your points however you like in line with the terms which you can read using the link below.

Virgin Red’s programme terms Link opens in a new window

We thought we should highlight a few key things from Virgin Red’s programme terms:

  • The points don’t have a cash value and they can’t be swapped for cash or transferred to anyone else (except as set out in the Virgin Red programme terms).
  • The number of Virgin Points you can earn or the number of Virgin Points you need to spend to obtain a reward may change at any time.

Although we’ll be working closely with our friends at Virgin Red on this promotion, we aren't responsible for their terms, their marketing, or any of the offers available through Virgin Red. Just contact Virgin Red if you have any questions about these topics.

  • We’ll use your personal information to help us run the offer.
  • Offer applies to personal account holders only, with one reward available per account.
  • English law applies to the offer.
  • If something goes wrong, we’ll try to fix it. If we can’t because it’s something we can’t control, or it’s not our fault, then we may have to change the offer. This includes suspending the offer or ending it early. We can make such changes without giving you notice. However, we’ll try our best to avoid making changes. And we’ll try to minimise any disappointment to you when we make changes.
  • You can withdraw or transfer out money but must maintain a net top up of £5,000 or more during the offer period to qualify.
  • Remember to check your annual allowance if topping up your ISA. This offer allows you to make payments in either, or both, tax years.
  • We are Virgin Money Unit Trust Managers Limited.
  • Our company number is 03000482.
  • Our registered office is Jubilee House, Gosforth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE3 4PL.