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Product Self-Drive Pension
Approach Cautious Growth approach Virgin Money Growth Fund 1 The approach you've chosen means your money will be invested in this fund. You'll see the fund name in important documents.

You're in the driving seat so you can change your pension investment approach during this application, or anytime afterwards.

Remember, the value of investments can go up and down, so you may get back less money than you put in. Tax depends on your individual circumstances and the regulations may change in the future.

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Virgin Money Investments and Pensions

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Advice for over 50s

Transferring your pension when you're over 50 has its pros and cons. To make sure you go into it eyes open, you're encouraged to get specialist guidance or 'regulated advice' first.

Guidance is free, impartial and helps you narrow down your choices - but leaves the decision making to you. Its available from Pension Wise Link opens in a new window, a government-backed service from MoneyHelper.

Regulated advice is paid for, takes in your personal circumstances and makes specific recommendations. For this, you'll need a financial adviser approved to give pension advice - find a local one at Link opens in a new window.

If you're transferring this pension with a view to taking money out soon after, we'll ask you to confirm you've had guidance or advice before the transfer can be completed. So, if that's the case, book your appointment with Pension Wise or a financial adviser today.

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If you opened your Stocks and Shares ISA, Investment Account or Pension after 1 January 2023

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Got a question?

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We try to make everything easy to understand, to help you choose the right account for you. There are helpful guides and handy Q&As – and if anything needs a bit more explanation, get in touch on 03455 28 88 52 and we'll do our best to help. Remember, we can't actually give you financial advice. If that's what you need, check out:

Money Helper Link opens in a new window

Unbiased Link opens in a new window

We try to make things quick and easy – most applications are sorted in just a few minutes.

It will help if you've got these things handy before you start:

  • Your mobile phone.
  • Your National Insurance number.
  • Your debit card – if you want to make a lump sum payment.
  • Your bank account details – if you want to make regular monthly payments.
  • Details of your existing account(s) – if you want to make a transfer payment.

If you need something explained, and you can't find the answer in our Q&As just get in touch on 03455 28 88 52. We can provide help and support but we can't give you financial advice. If that's what you need, check out:

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The Virgin Money Pension is a personal pension where you choose the investments from the range we offer.

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