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How to register

Registered before and know your sign in details? Sign in and away you go.

New here, or forgotten your previous sign in details? Register by following the three steps below.

Registering is a secure process so we post rather than email important info to you. That means it can take a few days. Here’s how it goes:

    You request a registration PIN

    You’ll need a PIN to register for Online Service. To get one, grab an account statement, find the number starting ‘VIR’, then tap ‘Send me a PIN by post’. Enter your details along with the VIR number.

    We send your registration PIN

    To make sure it lands safely with the right person, we post your registration PIN. This can take a few days to arrive.

    You use your PIN to register

    Once you've got your PIN, come back here and tap ‘I've got my PIN and want to register’. You'll need your National Insurance number and your email too.

Get started

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Registered before?

If you've registered for investments or pensions Online Service before and know your sign in details, sign in straightaway.

Sign in to Online Service

Got a question?

You'll find this on any letters we sent to you before the end of 2023, or any old-style statement.

We want to make sure that only you can access your account online. So we send a unique PIN to the address we hold for you.

We'll send your registration PIN as soon as we can, to the address we hold on your account. If you've changed address please call us on 03455 28 88 88 to update your details. Your PIN may take up to 5 working days to arrive. If it hasn't arrived after this time you can request a replacement PIN.

Your PIN will expire 14 days after issue. If you haven't used it by then you can request a replacement. If you're still having problems give us a call on 03455 28 88 88 for help.

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