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Get data savvy

Ever wondered what we mean by 'data'? It can include all sorts of things, from the information you supply to the device you're using. Your spending habits to how you use our app.

When we talk about tracking data it involves collecting specific data, organising and analysing it. The process of data tracking is what gives us the insight we need to make improvements to the app, to give you a better and more secure experience.

To help us gain the best insights from your data we use trusted third-party suppliers.

Here we will explain how we use data tracking technologies, similar to cookies, as well as how you can control what data tracking technologies are placed on your device when using our apps.

What data do we track?

We use data from our apps for different purposes. It's split into three categories: essential, analytics and functional. We'll ask for your consent before we start tracking any data that isn't essential.

From time to time, we may update and alter these purposes and the data we use. If there are any significant changes, we will let you know before using your data for new purposes.

Essential data tracking

Essential data tracking makes the app work and stay secure. It cannot be turned off and does not require consent.

Essential data tracking allows us to:

  • protect you from fraud
  • continually improve app security
  • enable tools
  • display the correct information

We use our own data tracking technologies and data tracking technologies from third-party suppliers to support our essential activities. For example, we collect and share the device you're using, the list of apps you have and how you hold your device with our specialist fraud prevention provider. This helps check it's you using your device.

Analytics data tracking

This helps us understand how people use the app so that we can improve it. For example, looking at how many people use a particular feature. This kind of data is classed as 'additional data tracking', which means it is optional.

Third-party suppliers

We use the following third-party suppliers:

Adobe Experience Cloud (Analytics)

Collects aggregated and anonymous data to show how people are using our apps and interacting with adverts.

About Adobe Experience Cloud (Analytics)

Data usage by Adobe Experience Cloud (Analytics)


We use anonymous data from Contentsquare to help us gain a better understanding of how people use and interact with our apps.

About Contentsquare

Contentsquare's data usage

Functional data tracking

This helps us give you the best experience in our app.

Functional data tracking allows us to:

  • remember the information you give us, including your preferences and registration details
  • present products, services and offers that are more relevant to you

It's classed as 'additional data tracking' and is optional.