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You'll need to be an existing current account customer to apply for an M Power account (This includes M, M Plus, Club M, Private and Current Account Control). If you're not, you'll need to open a Club M, M Plus or M Account first.

If you're got an Essential Current Account or any account opened with Northern Rock then you'll need to open another current account with us first.

Each child can have 1 account. A parent or guardian can open up to 5 M Power Accounts.

Yes, but only one parent or guardian will be able to apply and this person will see the account in their app.


Contact us and we'll combine your accounts.

This makes it easier to:

  • see all your accounts in one place
  • keep your personal details and security up to date
  • get the best help from us when you need it

Do you have a Jumpstart Account?

If you do you have two options:

  1. Close your Jumpstart Account - this might be the simplest option
  2. Keep your Jumpstart Account. You’ll need to:
    • call us to combine your accounts under one customer number
    • we'll send you a new debit card and cancel your old one
    • re-register for the app with your new M Power Account customer number. You’ll then be able to view your Jumpstart Account in the app alongside your M Power Account.

These accounts do not offer digital banking.

You can:

  • leave your existing account open and continue to manage as you do today or
  • close the account and transfer the balance into your new M Power Account.

Yes you can switch another current account to your M Power Account. You'll need to call us to do this. You might want to chat to your parent or guardian before you do this. We'll also let them know.

If you want to switch your M Power Account to another bank you must speak to that bank. They'll complete the switch.

No. You can only spend the money in your account. If there isn’t enough money in the account to buy something, it won’t go through.

Sometimes we may allow a payment to leave the account even though there's not enough money, for more info please see the Terms of the account. If this happens, and your balance goes below zero then we won't charge any interest or fees and we'll be in touch to put your account right. You might want to chat to your parent or guardian if this happens.

Any M Power Accounts linked to the parent or guardians current account will remain open. The parent or guardian that was linked won’t be able to view the accounts anymore and we won't be able to discuss or share any info about the M Power accounts with them.

Only you can close your M Power Account. They can close it in the app, online, by calling us or in Store. Check your Terms for more detail on closing your account.

Your parent or guardian will get an email once the account is closed.

Your parent or guardian can support you if their account is still linked to yours.

They'll be able to:

  • see your account balance, and where and when you've spent your money
  • get alerts when you carry out certain activities e.g. when you set up a payee
  • freeze, or report your debit card lost or stolen
  • call us and discuss any unusual transactions on your account
  • speak to us if you're not happy with us

Your app is where it's at. Just tap the profile icon on the top right and then you name.

You can change your address, email or mobile number here. For anything else contact us.

The M Power Account and M Power Saver are your child's accounts. We'll contact them directly. We’ll always suggest that they chat to you if they're unsure. Sometimes we'll contact you too if it's important or complicated.

You can find these in your tariff. The M Power Account has a slightly lower contactless limit of £50 to keep you safe.

Type of paymentLimitTips
Contactless Transaction£50For transactions over £50 you’ll need to enter your PIN
Cash withdrawal at ATM£200This is the max amount of cash you can withdraw from your account on any day. It includes any withdrawals you make at the Post Office.
Using your debit card (including those in a foreign currency)£1,000This is the max daily amount that can be spent with your debit card. This covers all debit card spend e.g. in shops, online or abroad and applies whether you are using your debit card or if you’ve added your card to a digital wallet. It also includes cash withdrawals.
Making a payment e.g. in the mobile app to friends or family£200Check the payment details carefully. Don’t make the payment if you’re not sure. You can always check with your parent or guardian or give us a call.
Transfer to your Savings account (or back again)The money in your account

No. Only one parent or guardian can apply for the M Power Account and view their account. This is also the case if you are applying with a joint account.


Your M Power Account will be moved to an M Plus Account. We'll be in touch before you turn 18 to let you know what you need to do. If there's still a linked parent account we'll remove this on your 18th birthday.