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Who can apply

You can apply for an arranged overdraft if you have one of these accounts:

You can apply quickly and easily online. But if you opened your account less than 6 months ago or you'd like to request more than £500, call us or visit us in Store.

If you have a joint account, the primary account holder will need to apply and have permission from the other account holder.

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Do the sums

Get to know the ins and outs of your overdraft. Take a closer look at how much it'll cost and use the overdraft calculator before you apply.

Get clear on costs
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Apply online

You can use our online form to request, amend or remove an arranged overdraft.

Just read the legal bits and key features document before you apply.

Your questions answered

Your application will go through some checks - this takes a few days. Then we'll send you an email with the outcome. We'll either:

  • approve your request
  • set the arranged overdraft limit for as much as we can offer
  • let you know if we are not able to offer you an overdraft right now

The maximum rate we'll charge you is 39.9% EAR variable.

Find out how much it might cost you by using our overdraft calculator.

If your request is successful, we'll let you know your exact interest rate in your arranged overdraft agreement that will be sent by email.

You'll only be charged when you use your overdraft.

You need an email address to use this form. If you do not have an email address, contact us to see if we can help.

We only offer arranged overdrafts on the following accounts:

  • M Plus Account
  • Club M Account
  • Private Current Account
  • Current Account Tracker

This form is only for M Plus and Club M Accounts. If you have a Private Current Account or Current Account Tracker, contact your Private Manager to set up an arranged overdraft.

We'll use the mobile number on your account to send text alerts when you:

  • use your arranged overdraft
  • need to pay money into your account

You can use the app or internet banking to opt out of text alerts or add more alerts. 

Yes, you have a legal right to cancel your arranged overdraft within 14 days.

You'll need to repay any outstanding balance, interest and fees within 30 days of the date you cancel it.

You can remove your arranged overdraft at any time by using the online form or calling us. Just make sure you've repaid any outstanding balance, interest and fees first.

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