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Start a mindful money mindset for life

Save for the little and large. Your Savings Pots are tucked away in your M Power Saver.

  1. Open your app, tap M Power Saver and then ‘Savings pots’
  2. Tap ‘Add a new savings pot’ and give your pot a name
  3. Give yourself a target amount and the date you want to hit it. We’ll tell you how much you’ll need to put into the pot monthly to hit that target. You'll also get the option to transfer some money to it now, or set up a regular payment.
  4. If you ever want to top it up, choose your pot, tap the three dots and hit 'Move money'
  5. You’ll earn interest on the whole balance of your savings pots up to £25,000. Check back regularly to feel the savings glow!
  6. Transfer the pot into your M Power Account whenever you’ve reached your goal and want to spend it