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Are you a worrier, or a thrill-seeker who takes risks without a second thought? Just as we all have different personality traits, we need different things from our savings accounts too.

Perhaps you fear making the wrong decisions in life, so you put off starting to save, or you regularly sink into the red by spending more than you earn. But whatever your personality type, saving for the future has never been more important.

Here, we’re going to look at what type of savings account may suit the type of person you are to help you make the most of your money.

You’re an avoider

Do you fear doing the wrong thing, and bury your head in the sand when it comes to making decisions? If this sounds like you, you may also avoid sorting out your finances and saving for the future, as you don’t know where to start.

According to money experts, you'll benefit from finding a simple savings account to kickstart your savings potential. Fanny Snaith, a certified money coach, says: “The money avoider needs encouragement to start saving. They can get the savings bug gradually by choosing an account that enables them to see the amount of savings rack up over time.”

Savings solution: Current account with a linked savings account

Plenty of current account providers offer savings accounts with attractive interest rates. By setting up a direct debit to shift some of your salary into a linked savings account each month, you can save with little effort. You'll see your pot building over time, as it's linked to your everyday spending account and this could encourage you to save more.

The Virgin Money M Plus Account Link opens in a new window doesn't only pay interest on bank account balances up to £1,000, but it also comes with a linked savings account called the M Plus Saver, that pays a high interest rate on balances up to £25,000 and a slightly lower interest on any balances above £25,000.

You’re a risk-taker

You’re probably an extrovert who likes to take a chance, whether that’s starting your own company, or sky-diving. When it comes to your finances, you like to take a punt with your spare cash for the greatest returns, but you can risk a financial car crash with impulsive spending. Your biggest challenge when it comes to saving may be spending more than you earn. If you regularly slip into the red, this could be a sign that you’re an impulsive person.

Your savings solution will be to take control of your finances, focus on a future goal, and create a barrier to compulsive spending. Greg Davies, head of behavioural finance at Oxford Risk, says: “If this is your personality style, you need to find strategies that recognise that you have these tendencies and distance yourself from potential spending.”

Savings solution: Fixed-rate account

You can lock your money away in a fixed savings account for a set period of time. You’ll usually benefit from a higher interest rate compared to those offered on easy access accounts. If you dip into your savings pot before the end of the fixed-rate period, you’ll lose the interest on your money. Choosing this type of account should help you to save and prevent the chances of spending this cash.

Check out the Virgin Money 1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA Exclusive Link opens in a new window which is open to eligible current account holders. Or, the 1 Year Fixed Rate E Bond Link opens in a new window.

You’re a worrier

Do you lie awake at night fretting about everything from whether you left the oven on to what you have to do tomorrow? You may also be anxious when it comes to savings, and take a particularly risk-averse approach to your finances.

Davies says: “A lot of people worry so much about everything that they also create far more anxiety about money than necessary. But a bit like fitness, or any good habit, you don’t need the world’s best plan. Doing something is better than doing nothing.”

He recommends striking a balance, ensuring you have enough to cover emergencies, as well as having some money to enjoy life and reduce anxiety. Money can’t buy happiness, but treating yourself to things you enjoy now and again certainly boosts it!

Savings solution: Easy-access account

As a general savings account, this is likely to be the best option for you as you’ll have peace of mind that you have access to your cash in an emergency. Besides, experts recommend you put away three to six months’ worth of essential spending in an easy access savings account.

You can also add savings for fun each month to indulge in things that you enjoy, whether that’s weekends away or meals out, for example. The Virgin Money Easy Access Cash ISA Exclusive Link opens in a new window pays a red-hot interest to eligible current account customers, with all interest paid tax-free.

You’re sometimes sensible, and sometimes reckless

You probably make plenty of healthy New Year resolutions, only to find they're cast aside by the time Spring arrives. Turning to your financial habits, you may have every intention of saving, but find yourself going through periods of overspending. Many of us will identify with this personality type.

Your savings habits simply need refining. Snaith says: “A process called money mapping can help if this sounds like you, to establish savings and spending goals. Once you’ve set a goal, you can focus on what you want to achieve, to reduce negative splurges.”

Savings solution: Limited access savings account

This type of savings account is great if you want to save money, but with a limit on the number of withdrawals you can make without losing interest. You’ll usually get a higher interest rate if you make no more than around three withdrawals a year, for example. This can help you to manage any times when you're tempted to spend your savings.

For example, the Virgin Money Defined Access E-Saver Link opens in a new window pays a great interest rate provided you make no more than three withdrawals (after which, the rate will fall).

Getting into the savings habit can be tricky, whatever your personality type – but knowing your particular traits can make it easier to get started, and choose an account that works for you!

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