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Here at Virgin Money, we have an ambition to drive positive environmental impact through everything we do. Our range of Greener Mortgages Link opens in a new window and our new Sustainable Business Coach app Link opens in a new window for businesses are key in helping our customers make a difference to the environment as well as playing a huge role in our company sustainability strategy.

Want to find out more about our eco-friendly products? Watch Lorraine Scott, our mortgage proposition manager and Alex MacInnes, Virgin Money customer and director of Organic Sea Harvest talk about our Greener Mortgages and the Sustainable Business Coach app below.

Watch Lorraine Scott

“A mortgage that’s not only kind to your wallet but to the environment, too”

Lorraine Scott is a mortgage proposition manager here at Virgin Money and worked on the launch of our eco-friendly mortgages. We created Greener Mortgages because we want to give our customers the chance to make greener choices in their finances, as well as in their lifestyle, she says. They help achieve our goal of building a brighter future, helping our customers make a positive impact on society and the environment we live in.

What are Virgin Money’s Greener Mortgages?

Watch Alex MacInnes

“We’ve identified areas already from the benchmarking tool (the Virgin Money Sustainable Business Coach app) that will help us improve our current position”

Alex MacInnes, director and co-founder of Organic Sea Harvest completed the Sustainable Business Coach app during its pilot phase. We have a huge responsibility to farm more sustainably to the very best farming practices, which include reducing our usage of chemicals and increasing the use of sustainably-sourced fish feed. Organic Sea Harvest are the first independent UK start-up salmon farm in 30 years. They farm organic salmon at two sea sites off the north-east coast of Skye - Culnacnoc and Invertote. The new start-up is committed to supporting the community as its two sites already employ 13 full-time members of staff, with more jobs likely to be created as the company grows and expands.

What is the Virgin Money Sustainable Business Coach app?

The app can be used by any business of any size, whether a Virgin Money customer or not. The app has a user-friendly set of questions to help a company understand its high priority ESG goals, its progress against these goals and guidance on the steps that could be taken to create a more sustainable model. The app has been created by Life Moments and adapts the Future-Fit Foundation’s Business Benchmark into a learning and assessment tool.

Sustainable Business Coach app

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