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The rise of TikTok, has changed the way in which we research and learn. Whether you’re Gen Z or not, it seems TikTok is now the new oracle of information with #BusinessTikTok raking up over 1 billion views from app users, followed by #Fintok, where savvy financial advice tots up to a total of over 1.2 billion views on the social media site.

Ian Humphreys, Senior Social Media Performance & Optimisation Manager from Virgin Money comments:

“Though many businesses are resistant to the rapid growth of social media and its role in our lives, it’s imperative to stay ‘in the know’ - especially as an aspiring entrepreneur. You need to understand the industry you want to capitalise on fully so that you can dominate it.

Learning from other people’s honest experiences of their successes and failures is incredibly valuable. No matter how original or exciting you think your business idea is - without researching and understanding social media platforms like TikTok - you’ll struggle to tap into the modern generation.”

Who knew that scrolling could lead to success? With the financial impact of the last several years having left some businesses in tatters, more of us are contemplating setting up our own business post-lockdown - Google Trends data shows that there have been more searches for “How to start a business” over “How to get a job” over the past year. The question is, which business TikTokers can we trust?

If you’re on the hunt for start-up advice and need a little inspiration on where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our pick of six of the UK’s best business accounts on TikTok.

Amelia Hitchcock-Merritt (@ameliahitchc0ck) Link opens in a new window

Aimed towards younger viewers, owner of stylish jewellery brand Bijoux De Mimi Link opens in a new window, Amelia Hitchcock-Merritt has over 4240 followers on TikTok and has racked up over 217.5K likes on her inspirational videos. Her behind-the-scenes approach offers a more personal guide for young females on how to grow a loyal customer base.

Amelia's top tip:

She often reminds her followers that you don’t need to go to university Link opens in a new window to be successful and shares tips on how to grow your business without a degree and a big budget. She also advises that you should use TikTok to grow your shop organically, as it's the best way to lean into free marketing and avoid hefty agency fees.

Cameron Smith (@cazzatime) Link opens in a new window

Cameron Smith, or ‘Cazzatime’, is a successful finance influencer who uses TikTok to provide short and snappy advice for students and graduates on all things money related. He covers everything from basic pointers on setting up a successful business account to understanding your pension. His tips help aspiring entrepreneurs get on the straight and narrow before starting their business. With over 3.5 million likes and over 200K followers, he’s clearly doing something right.

Cameron's top tip

Cameron drives home the message that you should understand your tax brackets and research how they might impact your individual financial status. For example, he advises young professionals on how to recognise when a salary increase is actually beneficial to you and when to be wary of what you’re actually being offered. One of his most popular videos Link opens in a new window unpacks tax brackets and goes into detail on income tax and how to discern a good opportunity from a bad one - and how working for yourself can sometimes be the better option.

Amanda Rose @thehappdaysco Link opens in a new window

Amanda Rose, the owner of the small clothing brand Happy Days Co Link opens in a new window, uses her experiences to connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs through TikTok- her account has attracted over 182K likes and over 21K followers. Amanda showcases the highs and lows of running your own business and strives to create positive and encouraging content for her followers to take inspiration from.

Amanda's top tip:

Amanda insists on the importance of social media Link opens in a new window for networking and learning about how best to run a business, as well as making sure that your finances are all in order before taking the plunge with your start-up. She continuously reinforces that you should push for your dreams Link opens in a new window and not be put off by creating a business on your own. She uses her videos to motivate Link opens in a new window like-minded individuals to take the leap.

Zara Saleem @delhicious_body Link opens in a new window

Founder of award-winning Natural Ayurvedic inspired skincare brand, Delhicious Body Link opens in a new window, Zara Saleem has over 3 million likes on TikTok, as well as over 208K followers. She uses her platform to unpack her success and offer myth-busting insight into what you need to do to launch a successful small business.

Zara's top tip:

Though her products are now stocked by the likes of Beauty Base, Zara encourages her followers to keep product ranges small Link opens in a new window but mighty. She says that focusing on a few products of higher quality is more fruitful than developing a more extensive range. She also emphasises that you don’t need a lot of money to learn about the basics of entrepreneurship and encourages her followers to use the many free resources Link opens in a new window available.

Simon Squibb @simonsquibb Link opens in a new window

Self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, Simon Squibb, has over a whopping 2 million likes on TikTok, as well as over 409K followers - and for a good reason. Not only is he an inspiring self-made millionaire, but he also offers his following a range of speedy, motivational tips on how to lift a business idea off the ground. He has now created a podcast for budding entrepreneurs called The Purposeful Project Link opens in a new window.

Simon's top tip:

Simon believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur. He insists that if you love what you do, you’ll ‘never do a hard day's work’ in your life. By fully falling in love and committing to your business idea, Simon inspires his followers to set aside the traditional view of a work/life balance and marry the two together.

Chaymae Samir @chaymaesamir Link opens in a new window

Chaymae Samir is the owner of the successful skincare brand Made By Sunday Link opens in a new window and has over 250K followers on TikTok. She’s accumulated over 600K likes since she began sharing her journey on the platform and she now uses her account to place a high value on sustainable business choices and offer tips for start-up businesses.

Chaymae's top tip

She says that you shouldn’t invest your money in things that don’t aid your business growth until you have the flexibility and resource to do so - don’t busy yourself with ‘looking Link opens in a new window’ like an entrepreneur, build your case and become one. She also encourages her followers to not let uncomfortable growth put them off from starting a business.

Ready to start a new venture? Make a start with a business account.

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