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1. How to navigate around the app

Everything you need is in the navigation bar at the bottom of your app screen. You’ll be able to move between your accounts, savings and much more with the click of a button.

Virgin Money banking app: homescreen
How to navigate around app

2. How to create a monthly budget and savings pots

Automatically tag each transaction with one of our pre-sets or create custom tags. Just:

  • Tap your account in the ‘Accounts’ section.
  • Click the tag icon on the transaction you want to tag.
  • Tap 'Untagged'.
  • Click 'Tags' and choose from one of the pre-sets or create a custom tag in ‘My tags’.

You might find that some of your transactions have already been automatically tagged, our app is smart like that! You can still change it to another tag that suits you.

Then within the ‘Budgets’ section of our app you can set budgets against your tagged payment categories which helps you take control of your spending without the hassle.

Savings pots

Another one of our clever tools is the ‘My Savings’ section of our app, where you can create savings pots to help you save towards your goals, simply:

  • Select your savings account within the ‘My Savings’ section.
  • Click ‘Set up a new Savings Pot’.
  • You can then add a name, target amount and target date to your savings pot.

Remember, there’s no limit on the number of pots you can set up, or the amount you can save in them. You’ll also earn interest on the whole balance of your savings pots.

Virgin Money banking app: the budget section.
Create a monthly budget

3. How to manage your card (report and replace damaged, lost or stolen cards)

You can report and replace your card if it becomes damaged, lost or stolen within a couple of minutes thanks to our handy in-app feature.

  • Tap the ‘My Profile’ icon at the top right of your accounts screen.
  • Click ‘Manage your cards’.
  • Select the card you want to report or replace.
  • Tap ‘Report card lost or stolen’ or ‘Replace damaged card’.
Virgin Money banking app: the manage your card section.
Manage your card

4. How to set Balance and Transaction alerts

If you bank with us you’ll receive text alerts about your balance, even if you haven't downloaded our app. We always recommend you download our app to help you keep track of your money. Plus, you can set up custom alerts. To do this:

  • Click the ‘Accounts’ icon in the navigation bar.
  • Select the account you’d like to set alerts for.
  • Tap the 'More' button (three dots) underneath your balance and select ‘Manage your alerts’.
  • From here you can set specific balance and transaction alerts, to help you stay in control of your money.
Virgin Money banking app: the manage your alerts section.
Balance and transaction alerts

5. How to set up Fingerprint ID / Face ID on the app

Add an extra layer of security by turning on Fingerprint ID / Face ID on your app – it’ll also make logging in a lot quicker!

  • Tap the ‘My profile’ icon in the top right corner of your accounts screen.
  • Select ‘Logout, access and security’, then set up biometric ID.
  • On some phones this will be Face ID and on others it’ll be Fingerprint ID - this all depends on your phone.
Virgin Money banking app: the logout, access and security section.
Set up biometric ID

6. How to pay in a cheque using the app

You can pay in cheques of up to £1,000 with your app. Here’s how:

  • Tap the ‘Payments’ icon in the navigation bar.
  • Select ‘Deposit a cheque’.
  • Select the account you want the cheque paid into and follow the on-screen instructions.

Your cheque is then sent to us for clearing and should be done by the next working day. Bonus!

Virgin Money banking app: the cheques section.
Pay in a cheque

7. How to access our exclusive rewards

As a Virgin Money customer, you have access to our fantastic exclusive rewards. To check them out:

Virgin Money banking app: the exclusive rewards section.
Access our exclusive rewards

8. Contact us

To ask us a question or get in touch via the app just:

  • Tap the ‘Help’ icon in the navigation bar.
  • Tap 'Let's chat' and ask our virtual assistant a question.

You’ll also find a handy breakdown of frequently asked questions in our 'Help & support' space, along with digital how-to guides.

Virgin Money banking app: the contact us section.
Contact us

Amazed by our app?

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