Top 5 money-saving websites

Finding new ways to save money is easier than you think

Iona Bain – Virgin Money Living Mentor

by Iona Bain | Independent Money Mentor

Founder of the Young Money Blog and author of Spare Change

Saving money isn’t only good for the wallet. It’s good for the soul. When your research pays off and you avoid needlessly wasting money, you feel smart and satisfied, and rightly so. To help get you patting yourself on the back for a job well done even more often, here’s our pick of the five best money-saving websites and apps…


Not that long ago, comparing prices at 15 UK supermarket chains would have involved a pen, a notepad, a car and a ludicrous amount of spare time. With this website you can compare prices across all the major UK online food retailers at the click of a button. You can either order your goods online or print out the deals and head to the supermarket yourself. The site claims that its users save an average of 30 percent on their weekly shop, which could translate into more than £1,500 for the average household each year.



It’s one of life’s great mysteries – why are people so reluctant to change their utility providers? Few people are willing to change their energy supplier, even if they could save hundreds of pounds a year. This site searches all the energy deals available so you can find the cheapest tariff. Just enter your postcode to see what’s on offer and if you decide to switch, this site will take care of all the boring paperwork. Simplyswitch claims you can save £390 by using the site, so it’s worth a try.



Analogue vouchers were fiddly things usually associated with grannies and handbags. But their digital equivalent makes saving money a cinch – and you don’t have to hold up the queue with a public display of thriftiness. Visit the site, download the app onto your phone, search for deals and produce the online code at the till. You’re not always guaranteed a discount, but on a good day you might find yourself saving up to 30 percent.



Cashback websites do what they say on the tin: they pass to you some of the money paid to them by retailers when you click on affiliate links on their sites. Check if a product you want to buy is available through Topcashback (or its main rival Quidco) and, if you’re in luck, you will get a share of the commission. You might have to wait a few weeks for the credit to come through, but the savings can really add up.



Founded in 1999, Kelkoo was comparing prices online when Google was still in its infancy. It’s still going and it makes price comparison super-easy. Simply type in what you want to buy and you’ll be shown all the offers available so you can grab the cheapest. The site is particularly good for electrical and household goods, home entertainment and furniture.


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