Is yours an average British family?

Find out how typical your family life is

When you have children at home, each jam-packed year has its ups and downs and at times it feels a challenge simply to keep the show on the road and make things run smoothly. 

But it seems the joy outweighs the hard work. As part of a nationwide research project, we asked 2,000 families about their life at home with their children. Nine out of ten said family was the most important thing in their life – and 98 percent described themselves as happy.

Here, we call out the survey’s highlights (as well as a few lowlights – in the interests of balance). So, how does your family life compare?

Each year, the average British family:

  • Has 1,000 fits of laughter 
  • Has 500 arguments
  • Kisses almost 1,500 times
  • Watches films together for 265 hours
  • Spends 224 hours tidying up
  • Spends more than eight hours hunting for the remote control

Every month, they:

  • Host a couple of family gatherings
  • Spend over an hour a month waiting for the kettle to boil
  • Eat six boxes of cereal
  • Search for the car keys for half an hour
  • Watch TV together for 41 hours
  • Spends 12 hours ironing

Every week, they:

  • Enjoy a roast dinner
  • Order a takeaway
  • Use a bottle of ketchup
  • Drink a bottle of wine
  • Watch nine hours of TV together
  • Spend eight minutes waiting for the bathroom

Every day, they:

  • Say ‘I love you’ three times
  • Eat together once a day
  • Spend almost an hour snuggling on the sofa
  • Slam a door at least once
  • Spend nearly an hour on social media

Little wonder, then, that when asked what they would benefit from most, four in ten families said they’d choose to have more quality time together. And 65 per cent said they felt they couldn’t manage family life without their partner – showing how we really do rely on each other, even if we get on each other’s nerves from time to time.

So from eating our meals and watching that must-see TV programme together, to hosting a family get-together, it’s clear that family is important and key to our happiness.

Source: All cited facts are taken from the Ginger Comms Family survey, December 2017 |

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