How to give to charity other than donating money

There’s lots you can do to support good causes without handing over cash

Felicity Hannah - Virgin Money Living Mentor

by Felicity Hannah | Independent Money Mentor

Award-winning personal finance and consumer affairs journalist

All charities want our cash; it’s how they do their good work. But it’s not always possible to find spare money in your budget to support your favourite good cause. 

Even if you can afford to give, you may still want to do more. The good news is that there are loads of ways to support a cause without simply putting your hand in your pocket. Here are some alternative ways to give to charity without donating money.


One of the best ways to support a good cause is to volunteer. It’s not just good for the charity you support, but it’s also good for your sense of wellbeing and even your CV.

Websites such as the Do-it Trust advertises volunteering opportunities and also provides advice on finding the best match for your skills and interests.

Use charity shops

Thanks to the word ‘vintage’, more of us are willing to shop for second-hand clothes than ever before. And charity shops can be absolute treasure troves of vintage clothing. Not only can you find bargains, you can also be sure that the money you pay is going to support a worthy organisation. 

If you like labels then one great tip is to visit shops in wealthier areas. You’ll be amazed at the bargains and brands you can buy while still supporting a charity. Quite literally a win-win.

Clear your own clutter

We’ve all got unused stuff in our homes and clearing it out can feel good. But cleaning it out and giving the more valuable items to a charity shop can feel even better.

Some charities will even collect donations and some allow you to Gift Aid your giving even though it’s not cash, meaning your donation can be worth even more.

Just a heads-up, lots of those charity bags that land on your doorstep are not actually run by charities – they’re run by profit-making companies that make a donation to a good cause in order to use their name. So ensure you check the small print on the bag before you use one to check you’re comfortable with the split.  

Bookmark a charity search engine

You only have to look at the wealth of Google and other search engine giants to realise there’s money in search.By using a specialist search engine that funnels its profits to good causes, you can ensure charities get your share of the profits.

There are a few different ones to try, including everyclick and easysearch.

Raise awareness

It’s not always practical for a person to volunteer or affordable for them to give. But that doesn’t mean they can’t support a cause they believe in.

Simply raising awareness of a charity can boost support and ensure more people donate. Or, if it runs campaigns or works to raise awareness, then you can share those issues on social media or discuss them with your friends.

It might not seem like much, but that kind of word-of-mouth publicity can be incredibly valuable to a charitable organisation.

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