The five travel gadgets you need in your suitcase

Hit the road in style with these essential travel gadgets

Marcus Webb – Virgin Money Living Mentor

by Marcus Webb | Independent Money Mentor

Editor of Delayed Gratification and independent journalist

You might want a digital detox on your hols. We get it. But for those of you who want to be totally tooled up with the very best travel gadgets on the market, here are five that will keep you fully charged, completely connected and very much entertained throughout your holiday.

Parrot Swing drone

RRP £119.99

Let’s face it, selfie sticks make you look like a fool – instead, get yourself in shot with this tiny drone which you can also use to get a unique view of a city’s sights from above. It’s the length of your average ruler, has a battery life of 20 minutes, a 300k-pixel camera and can reach speeds of 18 mph. Best of all, it looks like an X-Wing that has shrunk in the wash.

Take a look at the Parrot Swing Drone

Sony MDR-100ABN wireless headphones

RRP £149.99

One of the most eye-catching sets of headphones on the market, these colourful cans can silence the loudest plane at the push of a button – a satisfying ‘whump’ turns an annoying screaming baby into an amusing silent film star.

TP-Link M7350 4G Mobile Router

RRP £74.99

Avoid outrageous roaming charges, expensive hotel wi-fi or being data-less on the move with this mi-fi router. Pop in any data SIM card and it creates a wireless network for up to ten devices anywhere you go. The diddy little thing’s battery lasts for up to ten hours of 4G access and supports a microSD card, so the whole family can save pics to one place or stream films when they are sick of the sight of each other.

Available from Amazon

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

RRP £80

Like the lady on the white horse with the rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, you too shall have music wherever you go with this colourful, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. At just over five inches wide, it will bring the party to the beach, shower or even the pool – it comes with its own mini lilo.

Available in a range of colours from Argos

Zendure A-Series 4-Port USB charger

RRP £49.99

These days we all tend to travel with more screens than your average multiplex, but when the battery dies on them they are little more than plastic paperweights. Thank goodness, then, for Zendure. What sounds like a Brazilian midfielder is actually a light but mighty USB charger, with four ports that adjust the power output to suit your device, and adapters for US, UK and European power supplies.

Find out more  about Zendure A-Series 4-Port USB charger at Zendure online

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