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Kia Commodore Money on your Mind

How to master credit in your 20s

Financial influencer, Kia Commodore reveals why credit isn’t a bad thing to have when you know how to use it right. Here are her top five tips for credit mastery

Family of three cooking in the kitchen Money on your mind

Virgin Money customers are tackling the cost of living crisis – here's how you can too

We spoke to some of our Virgin Money customers about how they’re tackling the surge in everyday prices – here are their top tips

person on laptop surrounded by their two children and partner Money on your mind

It’s time to give your money a financial health check – here’s how

Carrying out a financial health check is important for staying in control of your money all year round. Read our essential tips on how and when to do them

Business owners with an open sign Brighter business

How to manage your mental health as a business owner

Understanding when to release the accelerator and activate the brakes for a bit is key to managing your physical and mental wellbeing as a founder. Here are seven simple ways you can maintain a healthy mind while running a successful business.

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