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Nowadays digital banking is the fastest, safest and quite simply the easiest way to manage your money. Though, for some of us, that doesn’t always feel like the case. For many people it can be intimidating, and even a bit scary – at Virgin Money, we’re here to change that.

That’s why we’ve created our Virgin Money digital know-how appointments, which will be held in our Stores by a friendly Virgin Money host. You can ask us your burning questions about the digital world, and we’ll help you master the basics. From setting up or using mobile banking and staying safe online to non-banking issues such as setting up video calls with family and friends. No matter the problem, we’re here to help.

Here’s Alina from our Red Team to tell you all you need to know.

What can customers expect from the digital know-how appointments?

Customers can expect dedicated time with our colleagues in the Store, they will take them through everything they need to know about our Virgin Money Mobile Banking app and all the features and benefits. It’s more than just getting them set up, it’s how they can continue to use the technology day to day and benefit from its full potential.

Why is it so important to boost your digital know-how?

It’s not that Virgin Money is going digital, the world is going digital and we need to help our customers along that digital journey, especially those who aren’t that confident at the moment and help get them there. No matter what the problem is we can sprinkle some Virgin magic on it and make sure it’s not a typical digital session from a bank and instead covers so much more.

Who can benefit from these appointments?

The appointments are open and available to anyone – you don’t need to attend alone. You can bring a family member or friend along with you. These sessions will be most beneficial to over 55s, as we’ve noticed they are using digital services less often, so we want to make sure we are supporting them.

How can I sign up?

Visit the Virgin Money website and find your local Store using our Store finder. From there you can select to request a digital know-how appointment, just simply fill out some contact details and we’ll be in touch to book you in. If you think a friend or family member could benefit, please pass along the information and even come along with them.

Alina, have you learned a thing or two from the digital know-how appointments?

Even as a person who already uses the Virgin Money Mobile Banking app, I wasn’t aware of all the great features and benefits. It’s helped me to organise my money using the saving pots and I’m still learning every day, which is the great thing about this activity – our colleagues are learning with customers and we are all on this digital journey together.

You can request to book your session via our Store finder – select “Digital know-how appointments” and we’ll be in touch to book a time that works for you.

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